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By Madhurie Singh, December 21, 2012

A big  hi to all my loyal readers and a hello to my new blog readers. 🙂

I have written and continuously writing new reviews of  the schools in Pune. Since I basically reside in the eastern part of the city, it’s but natural that you will find many school reviews around this area.

I can see with growing popularity and more importantly the growing need for me to review many more schools in other parts of the city. So I have come up with this brilliant idea. Trust me always for such ideas 🙂 !

I do not want to just rush through any school I see across the roads or  walk into all the remaining schools in Pune. That would be just writing on the superficial images at a glance. So here is the brilliant idea I mentioned above.

There is a poll  on the sidebars. Kindly check on left side bars for the poll.

It will be for all those  people who wish a particular school to be reviewed by me. 🙂

What if the school you wish to be reviewed is not in the poll?

No worries, just post a comment on Request School Review Page.  And your problem goes into the poll.

Many of you have mailed me as to they are extremely thankful and wish to repay me in some way !!!

So here is the time to repay …

… You all will have to promise me an honest comment / review of any school you visit and write it under the respective schools heads in the forum.

and since I am not very easy to please…

you had better start spreading the word out using  any or all of the following 🙂

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Tweet the article, one click and you are done,




etc. These are various sites which spread the word on your behalf.

That’s all. What did you think?