Review and comparison of BYJUS VS TOPPR coaching apps and videos

By Madhurie Singh, October 14, 2016

As you all should know by now, that my sons are now in 8th and 6th standard now.

This is the most important time for them to build the foundation of concepts for each and every subject they learn in school or in life.

As a reviewer of schools and educational products, I had to start reviewing the coaching classes, online and offline tuition sites and the recent addition of apps.

I started off with the names I was bombarded by TV ads and IITians around me.

So here I am reviewing TOPPR and BYJUS.

Obviously, I have not bought either of these two plans but, that is the reason of doing a good review. I do not want to end up spending money on run of the mill kind of apps as I am not keen to waste time watching what my sons already have learnt in the school. (update:I have now bought Byjus. So wait for my review about Byjus)

So let me start with TOPPR first.

  1. The site toppr is cool and neat.
  2. There was clear navigation of groups of classes under Foundation
  3. Also easy to find groups for exams like AIPMT, JEE. (No CAT and other exams)
  4. Login was easy using Facebook/ Google/ Email
  5. I liked the sample for each class where I could click and play Learn, Practice and Doubts. Learn was to understand the subject. So I clicked Archimedes principle.
  6. Learn : Archimedes was not at all impressive. There was a page with definitions! And a page to make you understand the principle. In this second page was a video which was 2d and boring. When I clicked this video, it took me to YouTube video of some random person’s channel. So the video was not made by TOPPR!!!!  Since BYJUS’s video was locked for this topic, I started again with TOPPR. This time the topic was Dispersion of light.
  7. Then I check out Links where other resources for Archimedes were mentioned. This link took me to… I was not at all impressed again to be using someone else’s content. Again the video of Dispersion of Light on TOPPR was not their own content. This was the video they want students to learn from. Go down to check the video.
  8. So the Learn phase was non-impressive. With TOPPR you cannot reply to learn the concept of any principle clearly in step by step method.
  9. Practice/ Assessment: Then I tried my hands on the Practice. This was interesting with many questions about the same topic and MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format. It does make it interesting to take test as you also come to know the mistake instantly. A fair analysis of the test performance is provided at the end of the test, which was cool.
  10. Doubt: I clicked Doubt link and a chat box popped up. So I posted a question, which was answered by a tutor on chat.
  11. The answers were typical answers which were again boring.
  12. The Upgrade link was not very easy to understand that this link will tell me about the fee and course content.
  13. Price: The yearly cost is Rs 3900/- for all subjects of class 8!  The fee is low but even that does not justify the need to take this service.

    Madhurie Singh’s verdict : TOPPR excellent tool to prepare for the tests and entrance exams as it has loads of questions to practice. 

    But it is a waste for the foundation classes from the sample videos, learning material, links and chat with the expert.


  1. The site of BYJUS is neat
  2. There was clear navigation of groups of classes under Classes 6-10, Classes 11-12
  3. Also easy to find groups for exams like  Class 11-12/JEE/MED,  CAT, GRE, GMAT, JEE, CBSE and IAS
  4. There was nothing to login on the laptop.
  5. So I installed the App which asked for Name, Number, email and city. I got a 4 digit code which I did not use?
  6. Then I clicked Physics and 8th Grade.
  7. I wanted to check Archimedes principal but it was locked. So I tried another principle that was available on TOPPR too. Dispersion of Light.
  8. Here I could see that the video on Dispersion of Light was very captivating and short. Again the narrator was equally interested in ensuring that the viewers are with him and abl to understand the concept in a fun way.
  9. Plans: The video ended shortly and a page opened prompting to buy the Subscription Plan for an Online Teacher @Rs199(before offer Rs 299) for 45 min per class,  offer valid for 15 days. OR buy 1 yr Math and Science Online Streaming course for Rs 10000/yr (before offer Rs 15000)  till 31st May 2017 or 8th Std Math and Science on SD Card for Rs 12000 which can be used offline. I think this seemed more interesting as my damn internet connect should be the reason for my sons to give any excuse. ( I know, kids will be kids, so parents have to be parents.) 😉
  10. Price: The yearly cost is Rs 10000/- for all Maths and Science of class 8!  The fee is highest in the market.

    Madhurie Singh’s verdict : BYJUS is fun and I think I will definitely go for its SD card version as I prefer my sons to use laptop instead of a mobile phone all the time. This review is only for the Foundation classes 6 to 12.

    I have not reviewed it for the entrance exams yet so do not know how well they compare with the TOPPR Entrance exam preparation.

    If you have any review to share, please comment. I am sure both Toppr and Byjus will love to implement any good feedback.

    If you want me to review any other learning tool, do write here in the comments.


very cheating TOPPR , please don't try to promote this product. Cuple of students joined , Marketing very nicely cheated ,we have list of compliants

All are cheaters. Byjus, toppr etc

This application is very useful and good for all students . This application help students to score good marks in exams . The teachers of byjus teach in a interesting ways

Your comment sounds like a paid comment. Make it more personal so that I can not so easily decipher it. :)

Hey I am Naresh from We are launching a new app too. However we already have lot on full class 10 for CBSE math on our channel. Very detailed class 10 videos are all over our channel. Worth checking before going to for expensive programs.

Hi, Byju's Provide personalized learning as well as adaptive learning with it's interesting and visual videos, but Toppr is more of exam-centric videos so one-day the student may get bored with it unless he's a sincere student. For more information, please contact us on +91-7406975197

Please don't for Topprs its a waste of money because they show something and in reality the children don't get what they want while they go in practical

Price mentioned here for Toppr and byju's is incorrect. @Author please make some changes

This is an old review.

Can I go for my daughter course at toppr for 6th standard

Not at all sir, it is just a waste of money and time.

yes it is best online platform by iitian with qualified tutor not like byjus having just srk face.

Hi yday i installed bjus app n they called me today for their marketing or so called couselling sessions...Dnt knw wich is good app for my daughter who will b going to 8tj grade this year? Kindly sugest n guide u all as a keen parent..thanks swati

do not take byju, but i do not know of toppr

Agree. I am not renewing it. They are pathetic. Also they shud have told me earlier that the sd card is not reusable. Now they want me to pay for the younger one again when I have the sd card already used by my older son. What a waste of money.

You Should try the TutorMate App. Its totally free and its for class 8-10 with videos just like Byjus & Toppr.

thank you dear

topper is far better than baijus.

Yes I found toppr makes adaptive learning, as a teacher I got to analyse that toppr has goal which is actual requirement of market or the students. Byju has interesting content not developing content. Byju is good for content knowing where Toppr is awesome at content knowing as well setting it in child's mind. I do recomand to go with toppr.

Good point and insight Mahesh Sinh ji. When you have time do give me a call. I have sent an email to you.

Have just paid 20000/- for their basic course for class 10

Do share here your views as a parent and feedback of your child.

Toppr is good then byju

For any queries related to BYJUS please feel free to contact at [email protected] 9817296697

How about Khan academy ?

Byju's 1 year comes at a price tag of Rs 23000 now in Feb 2018 without Tablet or SD card i.e. for streaming. Requesting you to share your thoughts on this pricing - as just an year back you have shared price of Rs 10000.

Toppr has approached me for their program for class 9 to 12 at a very high cost in comparison to what you mentioned Rs 3900 per year. is it good to pay them and is it sure what they committed will fulfill

Really Its a stupid platform and no support from the team once paid..They are making us full...Its kind of paid harassment..


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