Review and dangers of eating Pringles potato chips and Monosodium Glutamate

By Madhurie Singh, August 18, 2012

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Last week was a terrifying week for my family. We were in the Jehangir hospital for one entire day running from one specialist to another.

My 9 yr old started complaining of severe headache! I mean kids at that age do not have headache is what I thought. Unless there is any sight related problem. 

I thought he was just making an excuse to avoid school. So I forced him (sadly) and made him go to the school.

Next morning was my hubby's birthday. The usual days my kid would have been chirpy and over excited to make birthday card for his dad and ask me to bake cake  and go for barbeque lunch etc, but he was not even keen to get out of the bed! He just kept complaining of the headache in the temple area around forehead. 

I started the diagnosis of the cause and assumed it must be the beginning of sinus probably. So we took an appointment with ENT specialist. After he diagnosed him of Migraine ! I was a bit still concerned. As I was buying the medicines from the medical shop at Jehangir, he threw up in the car. 🙁

I was now even more scared as headache and vomit is not to be taken lightly.  As far as I know concussion or any kind of trauma to brain causes headache and vomiting!

We took an appointment with a familiar person who is eye specialist there. to get his opinion, if eyes can cause vomiting ?

He checked him and said eye problem causes headache but never vomiting. He checked his eyes to see if the blood vessels were not stressed. So we were a bit relaxed that there was no brain related issue as when brain is affected the blood vessels near eyes are stressed out and swollen. ( New information which is really worthy to know of.) Again my son vomited in the eye clinic. We were now quite worried. 

The eye specialist took an appointment with the pediatrician on my behalf and explained to her all the concerns. 

We waited for 40 minutes for the specialist to arrive. Meanwhile his headache was bad. So I had no choice but to give the migraine tablets. 

The pediatrician was opposite of the two specialists I had met. She made us relax that vomiting is very normal with kids. But headache was a concern. She said there is a new type of virus which cases stomach flu, where there is headache and vomiting but no cold or fever.

So we came back with a bit relaxed feeling.  He still had the pain the whole night. My friend came and gave him Reiki too. 

I was still not somehow convinced about migraine or flu diagnosis. ( Remember a mom's feeling is never to be ignored. A few yrs back when he was having fever I refused to believe the doctor and went and got his blood tested for dengue, which came out positive! So even when a Dr says something, a mom has to be extra perceptive and trust her instincts more).

I started jotting down all that he ate and did where I can gather some thing.

Slowly we came to the list of food where the only outside food was Pringles potato chips. Also I remembered they both has eaten the entire pack one each the whole day till it was empty! Why did I allow? 🙁

So I got the pack and started reading the ingredients. To my surprise, it was mentioned very clearly Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or in common terms Ajinomoto. I was really angry with myself for not reading the ingredient. This was the main culprit. Though I was still not sure.

So read a lot about it and talked to my doctor friends, parents , relatives and came to know that every one has a something to tell about Ajinomoto.

Some one had rashes, some had redness, some had similar headache, a few had recently the same symptoms of vomiting and headache, a few had swelling on skin and legs, a few has mosquito like rashes..!

Then I called my brother who is in US and a cardiologist and told him about my findings. He said I hope you know the truth about MSG? I said yes, it kill Brian cells as far as I know in infants and toddlers. Then he said search for hunger and MSG to know the other truth.

After that I went into my research mode again.

And found some shocking facts about MSG. 

  • It causes hunger pangs after 10 minutes of eating it. So you want to eat more and more of that thing which contained MSG
  • It causes severe headache which is like throbbing, migraine like pain.
  • It causes asthma
  • It may cause tightness of jaws, muscles in hands and legs, throat and upper back
  • It causes insect bite like rashes
  • It causes swelling (edema) of legs and lips or face.
  • It causes dry mouth
  • It causes vomiting
  • It causes obesity

So if after eating a Chinese dish outside or ready to cook packs cause any of these symptoms, immediately goto the doctor and tell them about the MSG you may have eaten.

I called the pediatrician and told her about the finding and she too agreed that MSG does cause headache and vomiting.

I also found out the antidote which cures the symptoms of MSG effects. Its called Glutathione which is found in vitamin D supplements. But I am not asking anyone to take Vit D as antidote unless you talk to the doctor as there may be different reaction and reasons for each individual. But mentioning the word MSG and Vitamin D will help the doctor.




Thanks Seema

Oh my god......never knew it can be so severe..though our complete family aviods it but now its strict no no....thnaks a ton for the update n I hope your kid is fine now..god bless...

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