Review of Amul Taaza Milk

By Madhurie Singh, December 11, 2016

Review ofAmull Taaza milk and many food items will soon here on my blog.

review of amul taaza milk

Product Details as mentioned on Amul’s website.

Product Name Amul Taaza
Description Pasteurised Milk Amul milk meets the PFA standards for the respective type of milk.
Packing Poly Pack – 500ml, 1000ml, 200ml, 5 Ltr *
* In selected markets only

Product Specifications as mentioned on Amul’s website.

Composition Fat (%) 3.0 min
SNF (%) *8.5 min
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information*
Serving Size 200 ml
Amount per 100 ml
Energy 58 kcal
Energy from FAT 27 kcal
Total FAT 3 g
Saturated FAT 1.9 g
Cholesterol 8 mg
Total Carbohydrate 4.7 g
Added Sugar 0 g
Protein 3.1 g
Calcium 150 mg
Phosphorus 130 mg
Sodium 50 mg
Thiamine 42.5 mcg
Riboflavin 120 mcg
Niacin 100 mcg
Folic Acid 7.5 mcg
Vit. A(Retinol) 32 mcg
*Approx. values
Shelf Life 48 Hours from the date of packing if kept under refrigeration below 8°C
Storage condition Under Refrigeration (Below 8°C)

Product Features as mentioned on Amul’s website.

  • Amul Milk is the most hygenic liquid milk available in the market.
  • It is pasteurized in state-of-the-art processing plants and pouch-packed to make it conveniently available to consumers.

[tweetthis]Amul Milk is the only milk I trust but still never blindly. [/tweetthis]I continue to test milk at home, though it’s not Amul milk that we take. It’s a local dairy which does not tone milk. Thus we get milk with maximum nutrition and full fat.

When milk is pasteurized, Vit C is destroyed completely and Lactose is destroyed to an extent. Though, a warning. Raw Milk, has lot of chances of contamination with bacteria. So boiling at home is very important. Especially when there are children below 10 yrs at home.

I boil the milk and store (malai ) cream in the refrigerator. Every month, I get enough cream that is used to make pure Desi Ghee.

Check out this chart where you can see what is there in  Pasteurized Milk Toned Milk where both have added synthetic Vitamin D, A, and C. What a joke! Destroy the natural Vitamins and then add synthetic ones. Natural vitamins will be absorbed easily and better than synthetic.

raw vs pasteurized milk chart

I will definitely warn you all against milk in tetra packs.

DO NOT buy milk or anything stored in Tetra Pack. It destroys all the nutrition.  Keep following my blog to read about the Tetra Packs.


Hi, Amul Taza is which milk is it cow milk or Buffalo's milk

Amul Taaza is buffalo milk.

Superb post, Amul is always the best in Milk and Milk products segment. I have been drinking Amul taaza from 3 decades. Never found any faulty point till now so that I need arises to replace it. It has good taste as well as healthy.

I don't think any brand is as good as Amul. Quality and taste of the product is of superior level, I have been using Amul taaza milk from long time, but m thinking of going for its tetra pack milk because of it long life. So, is it good switching from packet to tetra pack?

I have my doubt wrt to tetrapak based on a few reports which claim that extreme high temperature even for a few minutes only destroys the vitamin C. Similarly other beneficial nutritional value minerals and vitamins might get destroyed in the tetrapak process. Though the concept of very good as it is hygenic and tamper proof but if the product loses its nutritional values, that is a big concern.

AMUL tazza is the best!! Even my 15 months old baby loves to drink it!!

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