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By Madhurie Singh, July 05, 2024

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This review is for mothers of new born babies and toddlers between the age of 0 to 3 years to empower them with information, ingredients, review and usage about the popular brand Dabur Lal Tel baby massage oil by Dabur India Ltd. Lets find out if this oil is best baby massage oil for newborn babies and for toddlers.

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How will this massage oil make your child’s body better?

Body massage of a new born and growing children has been known traditionally in Bharat since time immemorial. In Ayurveda the respected traditional science of health and wellness as explained in depth in Atharva Veda (the last of the four Vedas), body massage has been explained in great detail. It mentions how body massage of a new born helps in strengthening of the bones and muscles. Doctors from the paediatrics department of Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College conducted a comparative research about Dabur Lal tail versus baby powders and no massage at all. They have found that those babies who were given daily oil massage grew twice in height and weight. It’s also scientifically proven that massages with oil makes children sleep better thus leading to a better physical development. Read Research here. The massage oil helps in making skin soft and supple. Read Research here.

What makes this product so good?

I am a big fan of natural ingredients especially when it comes to babies and children who have very low immunity. Dabur Lal Tail massage oil is made of natural ingredients. This is the most important reason that I am quite sure that it is a great oil for new borns. It contains naturally grown ingredients like urad dal which is know to nourish bones and muscles as per Ayurveda. Karpura (Camphor) is second natural ingredient that helps stimulate blood circulation in the body. Shankpushpi is another ingredient which helps skin health and weakness. Ratanjyot is another ingredient that helps protect baby’s skin. But what is the best ingredient that makes me recommend this oil to you for your darling? The base oil is Sesame (Til) oil. Pine Oil is the last base oil. These two base oils has been known to have great benefits in Ayurveda for muscles and bone growth.

Video: How to use this product?

Click above video to watch the traditional method dadi naanis and maushis massage new borns in India Credit of the video to How to mom

Read Why science is agreeing with India’s traditional body massage for new born babies?

What are the ingredients, its meaning in simple language and substitutes?

IngredientCommon NameMeaning/ SourceUse/ EffectSubstitute
Sesame oilTil oilSeed oilHighly recommended for babies and all age Sesame oil, Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, A2 Cow Ghee
Pine oilCheed oilPine Distillation Prevents skin infectionTulsi Leaves
Vigna Mungo Urad dalPulsesGood for bones and musclesA2 Cow Ghee
CamphorKarpuraPine oil processed Stimulates blood circulationMint oil
Morning GloryShankpushpi extractFlower what is the need to infuse baby with chemicalsreal vegetable or seed oil smells natural
Red DyeRatanjyot rootred color barkUsed to give red color to the oilBeet root
Ingredients Table of Dabur Lal Oil by

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Features of this product

FeatureDabur Lal Tail Baby OilGoodOkBad
SmellVery strong pleasant mixed smell of camphor and Shankpushpi flower Great
ColorBlood redok as its natural color from Ratanjyot root. I have used this root to add color in my curries.
OilinessGood Great
Volume500 mlGreat as this will last for months
PriceRs 445Super economical
Features and properties of Dabur Lal Oil by


  1. Can vegetable oils and seed oil be used?
    • Yes anything naturally grown can be used. Coconut, mustard, Sesame and Cow Ghee are best oils for baby body massages.
  2. Is baby massage good? If yes then at what age massage should start?
    • Yes its best to start from the early age for healthy bones and muscles. Indian grandmothers and experienced massage ladies should be given this task.
  3. What are the disadvantages of massage?
    • If the mineral oils or synthetic oils are used there may be allergic reactions.
  4. What other substitutes are available in place of massaging?
    • In case massaging with oil is not possible due to some reason, while bathing with water and soap, make similar palm movements on the baby’s body parts to improve blood circulation.
  5. If massage is not done then what are its effects?
    • If massage is not done , no visible harm is seen but comparatively the muscles and bones grow faster with massage.
  6. Which country is known for body massages from new borns and new mothers?
    • India and most South East Asian countries


Dabur Lal Tail baby massage oil with pros and con

Pros : Looking at the ingredients like til oil, shankhpushpi, karpura, urad dal it’s a great baby oil and I will wholeheartedly advise you to use buy Dabur Lal Tail . You may also use any oil at home made from seed or vegetables like coconut oil (nariyal), sesame oil (til), mustard oil (sarson) for your new born baby. Daily massage will improve skin health and the vigorous motion of the palms will help in giving a long sleep time to the baby during which the bones and muscles grow. At Rs 445 with extra discount for 500ml on Amazon, it’s very affordable for Indian parents like you. And since body massage must be done for as long as possible, in my opinion to use this baby oil daily for 4 to 5 years is quite easily feasible. You may want to use it for your own body massage too.

Cons: I can’t think of any cons till now.

Madhurie’s Verdict: In my opinion its the best baby massage oil available in India. You may buy it here.

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The product review is to be read along with the references and research papers. The author and this website will not be held responsible for any outcome by the usage of the product. Decision to buy and use the product is solely up to the free will of the readers.

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