Review of CM International School, Balewadi Pune

By Madhurie Singh, November 08, 2016

This school review is a long pending review. I reviewed this school in Jan this year. CM International School, Balewadi is a CBSE school.

All those who are in Balewadi, Aundh, Baner, Pashan, Pradhikaran, Pimpri areas, this school may be a great option for your child.

The reason I loved the school was because of their simplicity. The director Mr Sajid Alvi is one of the most genuine directors you will meet. The same simplicity was seen in the principal and all the teachers.

Now let me explain what do I mean by the simplicity and genuity.

Normally if a school is aware that I am coming to review their school, the entire place looks done up. New chart papers and posters. Crisp sarees and extra smart outfits. But the worse put off is when teachers are coached. Common, it’s a no brainer. So when I talk to these coached teachers in those schools, they have only good things to tell. No complain at all. Not even any suggestion! How is that possible? So when I am talking to a teacher and ask her “Is there anything that can improve this school?” and her reply is ” It’s perfect. Everything is good here!” My ears shut down involuntarily.

But in CM International, no pretence at all! I hope they maintain the same.

All the teachers genuinely shared their experience and suggestions as to what and how their school can improve. I love such teachers. And when teachers are talking fearlessly, it shows that they are not coached. Also it shows how much they love their school that they would want it to improve.

So when you go to meet the teachers which is happily allowed, do not expect any fashion show or marketing. WYSWYG. (What You See What You Get). Though they can always attend teacher training programs.

The second thing which caught my attention was their curriculum and evaluation process. They have used Global Curriculum which in my opinion is one of the best curriculums, though to some parents it did seem burdensome. So children who will bloom slower may find it slightly difficult initially.

The infrastructure is good and spacious. Bathrooms are also great though the height of the sinks can be lowered. I hope it’s done. The classrooms needed more color.

Since the school is a few years old not much can be said about the results.

They are open admissions from class Playgroup to Grade 5.

Play group – 8:30am to 11:30am
Pre-Primary – 8:30am to 01:00pm
Primary – 8:30am to 03:00pm

Morning Snack Time : 9:45am
Lunch Break (For Primary) : 12:30pm

The  admission fee is Rs 10000/-

Fee for Playgroup- SrKg is Rs 38000/-

Fee for Grade 1 to 5 is Rs 42000/-

I think with the value they are teaching in this simple school, the admission in this school is a steal.

Playground is one of the biggest in the Balewadi areas.

The school premise is shared by DIMR (Dnyasagar Institute of Management & Research) and a state board school. They also conduct teacher training program at the same premise. That may be a concern to many parents.

The most important issue for any parent should be the safety in the school. They installed CCTV in classrooms and corridors on the suggestion. First Aid and Fire Prevention equipment were all in place.

The school has its own transport with gps tracking now.

There is a canteen too for preschools.

Madhurie Singh’s verdict for CM International School Balewadi: A very reasonable fee for a wonderful school. No fluff to be expected. Parents take admission for your kids without any doubt.

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Special thanks to the Brand Ambassadors who reviewed the school.

Watch the Interview with ex-Principal Mrs  of CM International School.

New principal Mrs.Rupali Dhamdhere has joined now.

Hello, My 4 year old daughter is studying in Jr kg cbse curriculum currently. But I am still confused that which board is good as per the current time like CBSE board or ICSE board. Can you please give your opinion about that?

Kindly book a phone consultation by clicking this link for one hour detailed advise. Also you should join Pune parents group on facebook by clicking this link

In all aspects (more preference I will look for language, extracurricular activity ) which school is good among Indira International, Akshara International, CM International, Rabindranath school of excellence, Lokseva

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Today is really a disappointing experience with CM Staff. There is a function of Krishna's birthday celebration at school and students should come to Krishna's dress to school. My kid was excited since yesterday to wear Krishna's dress and go to school. he woke up early morning and got ready to school but unfortunately he reached to CM gate at 8:30 am. The school gate was just closed. I had convince , I had humbly requested Coordinator Mam (Vaibhavi) and principle to allow my kids at least for this day, as there is a function and little are excited to attend this function, but they didn't listen to me and didn't allow my kid. I took my kid back to my home with lot of disappointment. Because of not allowing to school today, the little boy started crying and still is crying. Its not a mistake of my kid, its a mistake of mine as I got a call from my family as an emergency and I was talking to my parent and totally forgot school time. Now, please tell me, its mine mistake as I couldn't reach in time to school gate. Should I punish from my kids? Sorry, I have no complain but I request school staff, coordinator Mam, principle that, please keep some feelings with the little students to become a good teacher, favorite teacher of them. Even you are teacher, you are a parents of your kids and you know the feelings of your kids well. Sorry to write this but I have no option to express my feelings.

Thank you for sharing this feedback. I wish the schools are more sensitive to the emotions of young minds instead of shoving rules all the time. They need to weigh their rules vs a child's enthusiasm.

I am looking new admission to my son Master Sairaj in class 6th please let me know the vacancy and fees structure.

Kindly ask the school and do your checks yourself too

Please review Ryan International school, bavdhan.

Dear Parents, I personally advice that do not prefer this school at all for your child. I do not want to go in unnecessary debate so not mentioning my personal and very very bad experience. But still I can tell in one line that all the staffs literally cheat parents from all aspects. I had taken admission of my kid but unfortunately after paying admission fees found very negative reviews from many parents and other source (sources were truly reliable and genuine). Immediately I had cancelled admission by forgiving admission fees. But best part is, after sometimes I personally faced one incident which gave me assurance that my decision to cancel admission was not wrong. I have given my candid feedback and it is empirical. To believe or not depends on individual but I wanted to put here so parents can be aware and take decision for their children accordingly.

Thank you for the honest feedback. Really appreciate it. Kindly write to me on [email protected]

Hi Madhurie, My daughter is in Nursery. I like to go a little more deep in everything before attempting it. So same is happening for school. I have read about so many schools in this side of pune (Wakad, Pashan and allied areas). I have been to the campus of CM internatioanl. I liked the school in first glance (because of the ground may be). I also saw many of the competitions are held here, like the balewadi idol etc. I also saw your YouTube interview with the principal of the school. Now things that go in my mind: Does this school have political influence? Plus from the youtube interview of parents of this school students plus the principal, there is constant highlighting of the fact that the children love the school and teachers love the children. I want to know how serious are they about studies. I do not doubt them on sports because when you have infrastructure, you ought to use it. A school flourishes because of its students performance, its output. so still 3 more years to go for that. For the crowd part, I think it will be fluctuating depending on school fees. For me one of the major points in selection of school is the distance my lil one has to travel. hence i am considering the school. still 2 more years to go so ill keep waiting more more realistic reviews. whats your opinion on my concerns and perspective?

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Its a very normal school but not too hi fi so you need to make sure your expectations are accordingly.

Dear Mam, I m looking for admission for my daughter in 1 st grade her date of birth is 12-12-2012 in Balewadi arear , looking for cbse school pl suggest Thank You

No review of Ryan International?

I liked review i am looking for admission for my Son for Grade 2

Good school. Go ahead and take admission.

How is this school in comparison with indira national school and akshara international

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