Review of Hutchings High School, Camp, Pune

By Madhurie Singh, December 16, 2011

School Name

Hutchings High School

Madhurie’s Rating ( 1-5) (low-high)



Central Pune





7, Phayre Rd, Old Golibar Maidan

Katad Khana, Pune


Map Location



Contact /Person

(020) 26335745



Take left after St Mary's School









Pretty huge and spacious



100+ years



Annual Fee : Rs 35000/-  approx



Not compulsory


Transport Fee

700/- to 1000/- per month


Class Society




 yes through agents





Brand Image

Good (Since 100 yrs old, many localites only know about such schools and think they are best schools). Parents must be aware where they are dumping their kids.


Management Style

Very formal and strict. Difficult to meet the head. Not very open. Parents are treated like nothing. Kids are not given the freedom to think.


School Timing

Playschool, JKg-SKg 8:00 – 12:00pm





Class 1 to Class 10 – 7:20 – 1:20pm


Teachers’ Quality

Qualified teachers with traditional ways only. Nothing to say they are preparing kids for tomorrow, more apt would be to say for yesterday!


Principal’s Views

No met but not heard really great . Last principal was chucked due to corruption Mrs Mathews who now runs St Mathew's


Philosophy of school

Learn by rote, only stressed out to keep reading text books. Only marks based study and tests leading to assembly like products.



Prescribed books for ICSE, with no creativity 





Past Experience

The same school for 100 years


Current Classes

Playschool,JKG, SKg, Class 1- to Class 10


Class Strength



Teacher: Student



Age Criteria

Playschool :2.5-3.5 yrs 


AS on Jun2

LKg : 3.5 – 4.5 yrs



UKg : 4.5 – 5.5 yrs



Class 1 : 5.5 – 6.5 yrs


Student Behavior/ Values

Mediocre unless the child is bright by birth


Parent Teacher Association Yes 1

Madhurie’s Rating


74 points: 54.28%


Excellent School 100%-90%

Very Good School 90%-80%

Good School 80%-70%

Fair School Can Improve 70%-60%

OK School  60%-50%

Bad School 50%-40%

Must Close down School 40%-30%


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Hi Madhuri, This is Sanjay here. My son got an admission in Hutching School. Currently, he is enrolled in Mentor and taking e-learning. I am living in Vishrantwadi and looking for good school. Could you please let me know which one is better school among two schools? Also, please prefer me any other good school other than these two. Is there any way I can have a chat with you over the phone? Please confirm Thank you Sanjay

Hi Ma'am, My son has completed 3 year on 11th of Aug 2017, will he get admission in Jr.KG & when the admission is start for Hutchings School 2018. & will my son is eligible for admission. Regards Vaibhav Shinde

This year a lot of schools are trying to follow RTE while other are still waiting. So wait for the online application form.

No doubt academically Hutchings is very good.

Hutchings management is very poor, parents harassment. Never keep parents in confidence .Abrubt decision.

Do you any review of all schools of Pune in Summarized way with fee information

I am building it on It will take some time.

Hutchings online admission soon

I have enrolled my child for the Pre nursery in Hutchings school, what is the procedure after submitting the form. will they call us or the details will be available in website Sunil Nair

You will have to go to the school

Hello madam I want to take admission for my doughter for 3 rd standard I am searching school in kartat bibavevadi satara road area Cbsc school is preffered..kindly suggest good school Your help will be appreciated Thanks

KIndly book seminar seat for a consultation on 10th Dec or book workshop/ phone appointment.

 Hello Madam, My son has completed 2 year on 5th of nov 2014, will he get admission in pre kg & when the admission is start for nursery for 2015. & will my son is eligible for admission. Also I have rented flat here so what type of address proof do I need to submit when filling online form. Is rent agreement will work ? Please help me with your advice. Thanks for your help in advance

Akhshay, find the right age and match it up with the school requirement. Yes agreement will do. But there are many other points that matter. Kindly buy the ticket for the seminar or book workshop

Mem like to know which school is better for my son..going in playgroup.... 2.10mnths old

Kindly attend the seminar tomorrow and book it now.

i would like to know the index no of hutchin school of std 10

what is index number ????

Hi Ma'm, My children are following CBSE pattern and looking for good CBSE school in pune. I am residing in Vishrantwadi. Pls suggest.

Hi Sanjeev, Kindly read the reviews of the schooled listed under CBSE schools. If you want to know the most suitable schools for your child, do fill up the contact form.

Dear Principal Madam , I request you not to failed my Son who is in 6th STD. IN YOUR SCHOOOL. His name is Tanay Sargam Vikam. From today we both parents are taking care for his studies. we primise you that Tanay will get good marks in next exams. I Sincierly reuest you PL. DON;T waste his growing year which is very important to us. Thanking you for your kind co-operation. Your's Faithfully SARGAM D. VIKAM { Tanay's father }

Dear Mr Sargam, I am not the principal of Hutchings School. Kindly write a mail to the school prnicipal.

what is the fee for play group or pre nursery in hutching school also du have any idea about fee structure in st marys school

Want admission for my daughter in Class I. She was born on 11 Jan 09

All admissions will start in April 2014. Getting admission in class 1 is very difficult in this school or any.

Require admissions for my daughters 1)LKG dob:30-06-2010 2)5th std dob:02-03-2004 We are just 1.1km from Hutchings school

Also I am not giving admissions to anyone in any school. If you need advice on which is the best schools for your child based on the child and your family background then kindly fill in the contact form .

Which is the best school in sports for girls

Hutchings admissions will be announced soon.

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