Review of ITC's Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta - Cheaters

By Madhurie Singh, November 27, 2016

Today I bought the Aashirvaad Multigrain atta. Well actually I had asked my husband to buy.

Since we are shifting to healthy eating and I use lot of mixes of various grains, I wanted to try out this Aashirvaad multigrain atta.

What a rip off? Had I check the pack and labels I would have laughed at the way ITC is cheating common people who really want to eat healthy.

If you look at the pack of 5 kh atta, it looks appealing with bold claims of providing a mix of Wheat, oats, soya, ragi, channa, maize and husk.

See the picture of the front.

Now turn the pack and check the proportion of each of these multi grains in comparison to Wheat.


Do you see the cheating?

90.9% = Wheat ???? which is 91% wheat

The rest 9.1% = Multigrain Flour Mixture of Soya = 5.1%, 1% Oats, 1% Maize, 1% Channa and 1% Psyllium husk as mentioned on the new pack.

So if you make take 10 spoons of atta, only one spoon will be made of multigrain!

And 1% of that 1 tsp is psyllium husk??? Why are they adding psyllium? Why not add the husk of the wheat which is bran?

Even though the cost of Multigrain (Rs 265) is up by Rs 10 per 5 kg as compared to the normal atta of Rs 255/- 5kg, I think the damage done to the consumers that is more expensive.

I have read people with diabetes are buying it in the hope of getting multigrain atta’s benefit.

So people best is to buy your own grain and back to the atta chakki if you really want to be healthy.

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Today I took a small handful of dough from aashirvaad aata . Kept it shaking in good amount of water and lastly I remained with some sort of chewing gum or like a rubber like substance. I have a photograph as well. I am concerned as what it is?

I am interested to learn blogging.

Sure. Pls hang on.

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