Review of St Mary's school, ICSE, Camp, Pune

By Madhurie Singh, October 17, 2011

Good news to all who reside or planning to reside in the Kondhwa area of Pune which is in the eastern side of Pune.
Kothari National School has come up to provide relief to all those who are very fond of CBSE board but cannot get their children into DPS, one of the best CBSE schools' in Pune.
Now this alternative is definitely a good school as much I could review.
Kondhwa area is a little ahead of NIBM and already has DPS, Vibgyor and Bishops close by.
Phone No : 020-26951111 and 8888492012
Address: SR No 19 H & M Royal, Oppo Talab Factory, Kondhwa Budruk, Pune 411048.
Its pretty straight drive once you reach Brahma Estate in Kondhwa on your left side. Just keep driving and follow left turn of the road. The school is inside a huge housing complex which is developed by Kothari builders and Raviraj builders.
I had to search a lot to get the location as the school is not yet on the google maps nor has any website ?
Anyways, I called up the school and was very politely given the directions to the school by a gentleman.
When I reached in the township, most places were still under construction.
The school was also under construction.
Luckily though only the first and second floor was being constructed. The ground and basement was done neatly.
The school looked good even in that messy state.
Large classrooms, furniture and simple work. Not too fancy but pleasant.
The receptionist is a sweet young lady with all her enthusiasm tried to give all the information.
I collected most information from her and later took a look at the school premises both basement, ground and first floor.
The playground is still not done but has the plans.
The principal was pleasant and though did not come across very dynamic has the experience from Dubai schools to teach and run the school. She very patiently answered all my queries.
The teachers were good, though not very big experience most of them have, yet they were quite English medium pro. There were few from Vibgyor too and a few who were freshers.
The sports area was not ready so the sports teacher was trying to teach kids basketball in the corridors. There were special classes which were taken for weaker students and that was something I really appreciate. No tuition business from these kids.
Dance and music with the regular arts and karate are some of the activities. I think they can add skating as they have good long corridors for the same.
The curriculum is redesigned by the teachers, but not very impressive yet.
The school in all is a good option for anyone interested in CBSE board, living in the areas close to Kondhwa, wanowarie, camp, market yard, Nibm, sopan baug etc.
The children mostly are coming from the area close by and those residing in the complex. There is a mix of all crowd in  the school.
In all if they focus this school will give DPS a run for their monopolistic position as of now :).

School Name

                                                                                                             St Mary's School

Madhurie’s Rating ( 1-5) (low-high)



Central Pune





5B General Bhagat Marg, Camp,Pune 411001


Map Location



Contact /Person

020 26356282 9am – 12 only; very difficult to get information



Near Camp









Very Big but very old. Girls side is big but not very huge like Bishops. Boys side is tiny. Playground only for football, basketball and a pool where biys cannot swim after class3. All sports activities only meant for teams going for interschool competitions. Others play hide and seek!



more than 100 years 




Annual Fee : Rs 18000/- Books and uniform 2500/-



No facility


Transport Fee

700/- to 1000/- per month


Class Society

Medium-High-very High



Yes sadly 



Basketball (Indoor), Football but only the selected team of kids get to play. Annual days are meant for a few good ones who seem to be the lead all through the years.  Rest have nothing more to do. There is no time to even participate as the stress is only on academics.


Brand Image

All India – Big name does not always ensure quality education any more. 


Management Style

Traditional and non democartic. Hardly parents, teachers and students voice is heard.


School Timing


Nursery, LKg, UKg   8:30am to 12 noon

Class 1 – Class 12   8:30 am to 3:30 pm




UKg  7:30am to 12noon

Class 1 – Class 12  7:30am to 1:30 pm


Teachers’ Quality

Qualified and highly experienced teachers. 

Average kids are stressed out and start lagging but good ones shine. 

Teachers cannot give individual attention due to heavy academic load.


Principal’s Views

Ms Sujata Mullick Kumar, is one year old in St Mary's as it s Principal. She brings good international school experience with her from Mercedez Benz International School.

She is settling down to the traditional ways of the school.


Philosophy of school

Traditional with no beating rounf the bush. 



Prescribed books for ICSE





Past Experience

100 years


Current Classes

Playschool, LKG, UKg, Class 1- to Class 12


Class Strength



Teacher: Student

1:50, 1:60


Age Criteria

Playschool :2.5-3.5 yrs 


AS on Feb 25

LKg : 3.5 – 4.5 yrs



UKg : 4.5 – 5.5 yrs



Class 1 : 5.5 – 6.5 yrs


Student Behavior/ Values

Good students and high attitude students in girls sections.

Disciplined boys. Stressed out kids with no creativtity in school.


Parent Teacher Association None. Parents scared to death. Non democratic and stuffy environment 0

Madhurie’s Rating


76.5 points: 56.6 %


Excellent School 100%-90%

Very Good School 90%-80%

Good School 80%-70%

Fair School Can Improve 70%-60%

OK School  60%-50%

Bad School 50%-40%

Must Close down School 40%-30%


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