Review of UTS:INSEARCH Sydney

By Madhurie Singh, September 19, 2016

If you are a parent or a student reading this blog and you are looking at future international study in technology then you will love this review. As I researched more about international study, it opened my mind to many non-stressful future options for my sons.

Living in Sydney is like a dream. Especially if one is an Indian and has never lived in any other country. After living in Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and London, Chicago and Sydney, I will always cherish my stay in Sydney as the safest hub for higher education, culture, technology and fun.

Sydney is the perfect blend of East and West. The friendliness of east with modernisation of the west. So when my son asked me if he could go for his higher education abroad, the first city that rang the bell was Sydney. Before this post becomes more about Sydney, let me take a break.

For any international student, especially an Indian, there are a few most important checks to be done before applying into any international college/ university.

  1. Is the college offering courses that are recognised internationally?
  2. What are the courses offered and the flexibility of adding or changing them?
  3. What is the fee per course?
  4. Are there any scholarships offered to international students?
  5. What are all other expenses that a student will have to bear compulsorily?
  6. What global companies attend the placements?
  7. What are the qualifications of the faculty?
  8. How do the college authorities care for the emotional and physical security of the international students?
  9. What are the existing and past students talking about this course?

I got a request to review UTS:INSEARCH. That’s when I came to know of INSEARCH, the premium pathway provider to the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS).

I found a lot of answers right on the website but a few others needed a mail to the college. I got a very quick reply from the team at UTS:INSEARCH.

Summary: What is INSEARCH PATHWAY?

In brief: UTS:INSEARCH prepares Indian and other nationality students to succeed at University of Technology Sydney who want to attend UTS but have missed the boat:

1: INSEACRH provides a broad choice of higher education diplomas for 6 months to 1.5 years with preparation and guidance to enter into second year at UTS very easily, so the student do not miss a year

2: INSEARCH conducts UTS Foundation Studies on behalf of UTS

3: INSEARCH also conducts English programs for foreign students

Madhurie Singh’s verdict:   5 star. Go for it.

If you can afford it, it’s the best exposure a student can get in his/her lifetime. The program will provide a practice based learning with technology at par with any international environment at University of Technology Sydney:INSEARCH, Sydney, Australia.

Let me unravel the points one by one as to why and how the students will benefit from UTS:INSEARCH?

  1. Why should a student go to UTS:INSEARCH and Why not UTS directly?
    • If a student has missed out on getting direct entry into UTS
    • If a students did not get into the desired degree at UTS

Under the above circumstances, UTS:INSEARCH will work with the student to get into UTS, without losing one year.

Also will prepare the student with the skills needed to succeed at UTS.

First year of INSEARCH subjects are exact same as the first year of UTS so that there is no gap.

  1. Is it a degree or diploma course that is offered by INSEARCH?

The first year will be a Diploma, conducted by INSEARCH, the premium pathway to University of Technology Sydney. The second year will be at University of Technology Sydney and will be a degree.

  1. What are the criteria for admission into UTS:INSEARCH for an Indian student?

There are three diplomas offered by INSEARCH over 8 months/ 12 months / 16 months. For all these points are required to be fulfilled

  • English language points must be between 5.0 to 6.0 for reading and writing
  • 60% marks on completion of Grade 12 from any of these boards (CBSE/ISC/Maharashtra/ Tamil Nadu/ Karnataka / Kerala / West Bengal)
  • 65% marks on completion of Grade 12 from all other state boards
  1. Where is the INSEARCH campus?

The campus is in the heart of Sydney just next to the main campus of University of Sydney, where the students can walk into and avail all the state of the art facilities, technology and other study related infrastructure. The students will have a college life at par with any other study abroad facilities in the world.

  1. Where is the first year and all subsequent years conducted?

The first year of the UTS degree is taken through a diploma at UTS:INSEARCH campus. The second year is at the UTS campus, right adjacent to the INSEARCH campus in Sydney

Parents in India are focused when it comes to the education of their children. So, it is but obvious that they would appreciate a more controlled study environment even when their children are in college, in a foreign country.

 So that is one of the biggest advantage of UTS:INSEARCH.

While the students are familiarising with the new land, people and culture, the first year at UTS:INSEARCH makes this transition very easy for the students and allays any fears parents might have.

  • There are academic advisers who help Indian students whenever required.
  • One on one tutorial sessions with the teachers
  • Weekly learning assistance sessions
  • Academic excellence is top priority for all students of INSEARCH
  • Smaller batches of 18 students with more faculty focus as compared to 500 in UTS.
  1. What is the academic FEE for one year?

Starting in 2016: $28,000 (Rs 14 Lakhs) for an 8 or 12 month diploma and $34,500 (Rs 17 Lakhs) for the 16 month diploma

Starting in 2017: $29,000 (Rs 14.5 Lakhs) for an 8 or 12 month diploma and $34,500 (Rs 17 Lakhs) for the 16 month diploma.

  1. What will be an approximate cost of living for the entire duration of the course?

As an international student, it is estimated that a minimum of A$17,472-A$25,896* (Rs 8.5 Lakhs to Rs 13 Lakhs) per year required to cover living costs.

  1. Are there any scholarship available for Indian students?

          There are three scholarships that a student can avail:

“Aspire Scholarship” is a scholarship offered exclusive to students from India who undertake a UTS:INSEARCH diploma – however students must commence their academic studies in 2016 (our last intake this year is October). Students under this scholarship will receive $4,000AUD off their course fees. Details are here:

Academic Excellence Awards (PDF, 102kB) – grants valued at A$10,000 will be awarded to commencing international students enrolling in undergraduate coursework programs. The awards will be credited as two separate A$5000 instalments for a total of two sessions.

Full Tuition Scholarships – the first full degree scholarships to be offered at undergraduate level (for up to four years of study at UTS). Details will be announced soon.

  1. What are the criteria to be eligible to avail maximum scholarship?
  • The students need to enrol and start their studies in the next October intake to be eligible.
  • Students must have an Indian passport and
  • Have achieved results above 60% (academic subjects) in CBSE, ISC or State Board, Year 12.
  • The Australian government and other overseas governments also offer scholarships and loans to students. You can review some of these home government scholarships or financial aid programs on our website.

The details for the Aspire Scholarship is available on the link here

  1. What other exams or certifications are needed to be eligible to apply to this course?

A: Proof of English levels (i.e. IELTS placement test score)

B: Student VISA etc.

C: Students who are interested in applying can contact an education agent in your city – you can find a UTS:INSEARCH authorised agent here:

  1. What are the accommodation facilities for the students in Sydney?
    The majority of international students live in private accommodation in and around the city, often sharing with other students. UTS students seeking accommodation can utilise the UTS Housing Service ( Students that are commencing their program at UTS are able to contact the UTS Housing Service for assistance in finding temporary accommodation and permanent housing.
  1. What are the experiences and feedback of INSEARCH INSIDERS of this course?

After all the research, this last one is must by all parents and aspirants.

You must check out the insiders i.e. the old and current students who are undergoing the program with UTS:INSEARCH. So I randomly selected one female and one male student.

Dimple, who is doing medical studies to become a doctor and Shesh who is pursuing engineering in ICT.

Confidence is visible on their faces and that actually conveys a lot to me as a parent. Check out this video where all 12 Insiders from INSEARCH share their experience and exposure.

uts-dimple uts-shesh

Then I really wanted to hear the views of a parent whose child is an INSEARCH INSIDER.

Mr Girish, who is a parent of one of the students at UTS:INSEARCH.

He said that “the academic industry blend of the INSEARCH with focus to practical learning is the key to success.

Watch this video.

After knowing the answers to all the questions from the mail and the videos of their program director, faculty, coordinator, parents of the Indian students and the Indian students undergoing the program, I find that for a parent who can afford the fee, the UTS:INSEARCH premium pathway to UTS will be a memorable campus life experience for the student going from India to Australia.

Watch these videos which will help you understand the views of all the stakeholders.

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