Safety Month Series - How to teach kids about Strangers?

By Madhurie Singh, July 06, 2014

I am a paranoid mom. You will read this line every now and then on my blog.
But since I don’t want to cry over the spilled milk, I would rather ensure the milk is safe!

My son’s school was planning an outstation trip. I was really worried. Yet, I knew, that one day I have to let him go on his own. So we sat down and discussed the entire trip by walking him through the 3 days.
By the end of the session, I asked him “If I ask you not to go, will you listen to me?” He looked and within a second said “Of course mom! You think I should not go, I will not go?” I said ” No I want you to go and enjoy with your friends and be responsible.”

So what are the points I discussed with my son before he went on the trip:

  1. Walkthrough of each day: Starting from Reaching the bus stop to the resort. From resort to the activity places the same day. Return to the resort. And repeated the exercise for the next day and return. This helped him understand a lot of tiny points that is normally taken care by my husband or me.
  2. Take a friend when you want to go to the washroom. Use a sanitizing tissue after using any public toilet.
  3. Tell a teacher about any pain in any body part before boarding the bus.
  4. Never go to any place alone, even in any of the water sport activities.
  5. Ask the teacher only about any need. Never approach any stranger for any help.
  6. Never eat or drink anything a stranger offers to you.
  7. Before taking any step, think ” What will mom say if I did this activity.”

Then we watched this video together, that teaches about safety tips when any stranger comes up to a child.

If you have any questions regarding cyber safety, do write a comment here. I will try to get answers for you.


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