Safety of kids is mandatory in schools, buses, homes

By Madhurie Singh, November 06, 2012

Better safe than sorry, is my motto when it comes to my kids' safety. And whatever adjective you can come up with for my protectiveness is acceptable. 🙂

Yes! Paranoid is what I have heard the most, especially when my kids were small. 

Its the mother's instinct which works well with me always. 

You also have to be protective all the time yet not suffocating your child's thinking and personality.

Some of the ways in my opinion you could provide a safe environment for your children are :

  • Whatever your spouse calls you, when your baby is small, toddler and unable to communicate or run or distinguish between strangers and friends, you have to rely on your own self when it comes to play area or transportation.
  • The reliance on helpers of all type is must now a days. But a surprise check every 2-3 day and unannounced visit by neighbors helps to keep helpers on their toes.
  • Keeping a camera rolling and that too known loudly to the helpers is a great deterrant of any vicious intentions. Now a days one can have the live view of your rooms seen through your mobile phones, provided you sign up for such services. 
  • Keep an eye on live in maids even when you are also in the house. Too much dependence on them is inviting future trouble.
  • Keep talking frequently with your kids about dangers of opening the door without checking from the safety eye or safety doors. Ideally you must have an outer door with a view of the outside always latched.
  • Keep a track on drivers, cooks, maids and any one who frequently visits your house. 80% of the crimes are commited by known people. So that also includes, close and distant relatives, friends and neighbors. 
  • Teach your kids the three basic steps to shout, run and tell an adult about anything abnormal. Also teach them its not their fault if something does go wrong ever. And that YOU will ALWAYS unconditionally LOVE  THEM. 
  • DO not write off your child's sudden change of behavior, comments, questionings as a passing phase. A careful yet casual chat is really important to dig out the facts. 
  • Also keep asking your child about drivers, school teachers, school staff and helpers. Visiting school and chatting with them helps and keeps trouble makers away. Also gives a great confidence to your children in you.
  • Grown up children especially girls must be able to confidently tell you about her friends and their family members without shying away. 
  • A self defense course will help. Beware most karate classes in Pune are teaching kids only moves and not combat. 

Yep! I see many kids putting their heads and hands out even when in their cars with parents engrossed in conversation or oblivious to these kids.

gr88888888...really good tips...Just wanted to inform that when the kids are traveling by school bus many time windows are kept open and the kids for curiosity put there hand outside the bus due to which one kid age around 6 year had to loose his hand forever in my request all parents to talk to bus driver frequently.

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