School Admission Case Study - middle class parents

By Madhurie Singh, December 28, 2012

School Admission Case Study – Middle class parents

This is another large group of people who write to me or wish to get advice from me on the school admission front.

You mostly have googled something like which is the best school in a particular area near your home.

And you found my site popping up sometimes on the top and many times on the first page of the google search.

So you read the posts and feel blessed to have found it.

And surprisingly one of the parents actually wrote to me that my site will not be discussed or disclosed to her other friends who were trying admissions for the same year!

I was pretty surprised but later did not know what to comment on the human nature, when the parent claimed that since my site is too informative she will keep it to herself at least this year, lest others too got the same information !!!!!!

Anyways, so most will fill the form first and expect me to answer this one question; “Which is the best school in this area?”


“How to get admission in Bishops or St Mary’s schools?”

So I have to write back to them that it’s not possible to help them without knowing their financial capability, social status their other aspirations as they have really fixed dreams for their children. Which is really good as that makes sure that their kids are on track from the young age.

That makes it more important for me to know all details of their dreams for their children, to guide them to follow the right school, then choose the right career path based on whatever is gathered from the discussions.

And surprisingly, this is the class that does not hesitate to meet me and attend my workshop at all as they know getting an expert advice is better than running around the schools and getting confused.

And 99% leave the session extremely satisfied and happy as they not only get to know the best school for them, but also how not to get carried away by other parents and the society’s flashy ways of keeping their goals focused for their kids.

All middle class was lower middle class a generation back. So obviously the next step is to become part of the upper middle class. Its simple if you keep your mind on the smaller goals while getting guided by the bigger goal all the time. And what better tool than education!

It’s education and only education alone which will help you go from class to another. Yes there are a few flukes that allow lower class to jump up to higher or even the elite class but that is a totally different ball game.

So the first step is to look for the most suitable school for your child which fits your budget and your social background.

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