School Admission Case Study - Shifting from USA to Pune

By Madhurie Singh, December 23, 2012

Awesome! Welcome my dear parents for the decision of shifting from the USA to India.

Yes, Yes ! You are worried about your child’s education.

So you must have searched online,

Googled what are the best schools in Pune?

What are the best ISCE or CBSE or International Boards in Pune?

What schools are closest to say Hinjewadi?

Will your child fit into these schools after studying in US schools?

And pleasantly surprised to see one site popping up almost always in the Google search results. “”

So you start reading articles one by one. And then you realize, OMG! There is so much to read! You get so much information about each school, board and areas that you shoot off an email to the owner of the site. Now she hides her email id within posts  just for this reason. She wants you to READ as then it’s easier to understand schools in Pune. But since you are mostly part of the IT crowd, you know how to hunt for her email id.

Yes, and there you go on writing a long email about everything related to your stay and shift. Obviously you now trust her.

You cross your finger, hoping to get a reply soon.

And then you get a reply within minutes to hours only!

Again you thank her for being prompt.

So you fix an appointment after making all the required transactions, that you initially cribbed. But when you want quality information wherein you will save days of hunting schools one by one in the crowded streets of Pune especially after coming back from the neat and clean US, or saving lacs of money by taking admission into a school fit for your child as against the schools that do not fit your child’s needs , or when you learn the simple tips and procedures of taking admission from an expert, you realize it’s worth paying a few bucks after all.

So you talk to her and after the session, realize that you have finally arrived at the decision to take admission in one school in Pune and you really never would have known so many inside details of each school sitting in the US or even sitting in Pune!

So you thank her for the knowledgeable session in the comfort of your living room.

You come to Pune all relaxed and take admission in the pre-decided school in consultation with the expert. A few of you then call or email her back for the service provided and thank her for the good work.


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