School Admission Tip : Importance of your qualifications

By Madhurie Singh, November 15, 2013

I get many parents who are so frustrated that their application forms never gets selected! So my first question to them is, “What is your qualification?”

Dear parents your educational qualifications is one of the critical factors in the school admission.

Most schools will look at the educational qualifications of both parents and then select the ones with good qualifications.

But then even if you are a PhD, your application form still does not see the light of the day!


Well, in today’s world everything sells if it’s wrapped in a beautiful package. So if you are a post graduate, you must be assuming what more can a school ask for? Absolutely!

It’s very simple. Now consider you have asked your secretary to sort out applications based on the qualifications of 500 resumes.

You will assume that she or he will know all abbreviations and meaning of the qualifications you mentioned to be selected or rejected.

Also he/she should be able to differentiate one graduate from another graduate by just the word “graduate”!

Similarly he/ she should know when you write post graduate, what exactly is the field of specialization!

Or when you just mention PhD, he/she will know just from the 3 letters that you must have obviously completed!

Whenever people come to attend my workshop, seminar or webinar, phone calls they give such less importance to their own qualifications that I feel really sorry. Most say they are a graduate or post graduate! Now how on earth can I decipher from these two words exactly what the specializations are? Because only when I am aware of the specialization, can I start my assessment to suggest the best school for you.

So dear parents, today’s tip for the school admission is that you must be as descriptive as possible when writing your educational qualifications on the admission forms or when interacting with the school staff.

Good Luck and hope you have questions relevant to this topic. If yes then you can comment here.

My husband is working in the Merchant Navy presently as a captain (Master) so how do i describe his qualification as he holds a 12th std Certificate. At the age of 18 he join the Merchant Navy as a cadet.

Linette, that's the tricky part of school admission. I have seen many really successful people not getting interview call just because of their educational qualifications. But many a times people forget to mention all the other qualifications they have acquired. There are several certification courses, several short courses one does but undermine them. So a project management course like PMP, a short management course, a quality certification etc. etc. are equally important if you have not done any graduation or post graduation to show.

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