School Agents Vs Corruption

By Madhurie Singh, February 09, 2010

Yesterday, I was approached by an interesting person.

He introduced himself as a ” School Agent”.  I could only guess he was a broker helping parents in getting admission for their kids.

I didn’t know these people were so net savvy. So I continued the call. He mentioned that he HELPS parents. And since I was helping parents too, if he can offer his HELP through me . !!!!!!

I knew where this was leading to.

So I asked him, what is the procedure.

To which he replied,  for Bishops Rs 1 Lac. Of which he gets 10k, his boss gets 30 k, school office gets 10 k, and the school boss gets 40k.

So what are the schools he serves?

“All big names”. ” Madam ji, you just name the school. Hamare boss (builder) ki pahunch door door tak hai”.

I am left with  thoughts which are synonyms of corruption, mafia, rackets and greed. 🙁

” Bhaiya, aap humko in sab se door rakhna, aur yeh mera number ho sake to delete kar dena”

” Kyun Madam, hum khud aapke paas aaye hain, parents to dhoodte rahte hain ”

” Bhaiya, meri duniya aur aapki duniya alag hai.  Meri duniya ke parents apne bachchon ke  bhawishya ka neev aise nahi rakhna pasand karenge.”

“Theek hai Madam ji, agar zarrorat pade to batana”



Please parents lets not encourage corruption. And don’t ever discuss this with me in mails or calls. Nothing disgusts me more.

Corruption is a two way street. Sometimes reaching a school office is so difficult and even the most educated people these day have no time to wait. Time is essence and middlemen like these eradicate wastage. However, I really feel the education system should be made completely transparent where seats available and application is completely an online process for anyone who needs it. Eg If a Municipal Corporation takes up the initiative in a society to ensure all schools are online, bribery and middlemen will vanish. Hope to see the day! I loved your detailed reviews. Hats off!

Thanks dear for the appreciation. Few people have to keep their values and ethics right to manage others.


I like this one.

Thank you for sharing & updating...lets hope desire for money & power doesnt distroy the most innocent & natural phase of human lives...MAY OUR CHILDREN LEAVE THEIR CHILDHOOD AS CHILDREN ONLY !

Thanks! I hope its not a spam!

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