At, we take the school review process seriously to provide parents with reliable and comprehensive information about different educational institutions. Our review process involves several steps to ensure that we gather accurate and valuable insights.

School Website Review Process

Website Review We begin by thoroughly examining the school’s website. We scrutinize every aspect, including the vision, mission, and purpose statements. Each word is reviewed, checked, and noted for verification by the school. We pay close attention to the provided feedback, testimonials, and unique selling propositions (USPs) mentioned on the website. Our aim is to gather a deep understanding of the school’s philosophy, goals, and strengths.

Parent Group and Social Media Feedback

We understand the significance of hearing from parents who have first-hand experience with the school. To capture the views and opinions of parents, we actively search for feedback on various parent groups and social media platforms. By delving into these conversations, we gain insights into the school’s strengths, areas for improvement, and overall reputation within the community. Since we have curated large parent groups of various cities and states, we constantly conduct polls and quizzes to gather information about schools.

Talk to Parents

We call the parents of the concerned schools and talk to them about their experiences and feedback posted in social media. This ensures accuracy of views and rules out fake reviews. We visit the schools and meet the parents gathered outside the school gate to actively listen to the discussion topics. This process has proven to be the most reliable source of honest reviews that we write in the reviews.

Verification Calls to Schools

To ensure the accuracy of the gathered information, we directly contact the school. A thorough verification call is made where we discuss and verify each point noted during our review process. This step allows us to clarify any uncertainties, confirm the accuracy of the details, and obtain additional information if necessary. A meeting is setup to visit the school.

In-Person School Visit

We believe in first hand experience, and therefore, we conduct a visit to the school premises. During this visit, we engage in in-person discussions with school authorities, teachers, and staff members. This allows us to clarify any doubts, gather further information, and have detailed conversations about various aspects of the school, including admission processes, curriculum, facilities, and extracurricular activities. We take detailed notes during these discussions to provide comprehensive insights to parents.

Video Tour and Podcast

To provide a visual representation of the school, we conduct a video tour of the premises. This video is then uploaded to our YouTube channel and shared as a podcast. The video tour aims to give parents a virtual walkthrough of the school, showcasing the facilities, classrooms, playgrounds, and other relevant areas. This multimedia approach allows parents to have a more immersive experience and make informed decisions about their child’s education.


In summary, the school review process at involves meticulous steps to gather accurate and comprehensive information. We review school websites, seek feedback from parent groups and social media, verify details through direct communication with the school, conduct in-person visits and discussions, and provide video tours and podcasts. Our goal is to empower parents with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their child’s education.

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