School Review - Indira Kids and Indira National School, Wakad, Pune

By Madhurie Singh, January 24, 2010

A fortnight back, I went to review an educational product to be launched in India by a Dubai based company. And to my pleasant surprise, I was standing next to a pre-school Indira Kids, Aundh.

Initially I thought it was too congested but when I got inside, it gave me a very homely feeling. With kids who are 2 years and above, this is what is best for them. Something like home where they learn with no alienating  feeling.

The office lady was extremely helpful. I never tell schools that I am reviewing their schools. Thankfully my kids are at such an age that it becomes easy to get all the relevant information straight from the management. Earlier I used to tag along my sons, but now before I can say anything they tell the school people that,  ” Mamma has come to review your school. I goto St Mary’s / DPS . And I love my school.”  So instead of getting myself into such embarrassing moments, I go alone now.

The school follows CBSE board with their own methodologies.  Each class has 20 kids.

The school has two floors and both are cutely done up. The important thing to see was their classrooms. They all had tell tale signs that kids were being taught in the best possible way. Sight words were stuck all around, lots of creative out puts were hanging all over the classrooms.

The bathroom was the best. 🙂 The pink pots were low heighted with cute shaped flaps.

Kids were all dressed in light pink and were looking like angels. I could see many kids from different nationality, which is a sign of high fee charged.

And my fears came true.

The school charges around Rs for pre-nursery! I found it humungus but I guess when the parents are willing to pay for a quality stuff then why not ! There are classes upto UKg in both Baner and Aundh branches.

Fee for Pre Nursery is  Rs 38 000/ annum at age 2  years completed by June.

Nursery, LKg and UKg fee is  Rs  50 000/ annum at age 2 .5 – 3.5 years for Nursery, 3.5- 4.5 for LKg and 4.5-5.5 years for UKg.

The timing are as follows:

Pre Nursery – 9:15am to 11:15am

Nursery       –   9:15am to 11:45am

LKg / UKg      – 9:15 am to 12:45 noon  and  12:45 to 4:15 pm for afternoon batch.

The best thing parents like along with excellent education, mind you, not literacy, is the lunch served by the school. The food is cooked at Baner branch and served at both the schools. The schools has excellent day care facitlites too with food.

There was a bus too waiting outside.

When I interviewed the parents, they were ok with the fees. For them the knowledge was too good and worth spending that huge amount. Well fair enough. Also since most stay close to the school that’s also a reason to spend.

The site is near Parihar chowk.

I am copying all the details from their site regarding admissions.

Admission procedure for the academic year 2010-2011

Admissions available for Playgroup, Nursery, Jr. KG (Afternoon batch)  only. Kindly note admissions to Sr. KG (Afternoon batch) is available only at the Baner campus.

The admission forms will be available on 11th & 12th December, 2009 between 10.00 am & 1.00 pm. Duly filled forms to be submitted on 11th or 12th December, 2009.

A list of confirmed students will be available on our website on 18th December, 2009. Kindly pay the confirmation fees on the 21st,22nd and 23rd December 2009.

Requirements for admission at time of confirmation-
–         Photocopy of the birth certificate
–         3 stamp size photo’s of the child

For further details contact

Aundh Branch : 25896266, 25880451, 40058643
Email: [email protected]

Baner Branch: 65240917 , 20250092
Email: [email protected]

The classes from 1st std to above is held at Wakad, Pune.

There are 6 sections for 1st std with total intake of 160 kids ! Of which a 50% are from their pre school and the rest from other schools. Each class from 1st to 8th std has 40 kids.

The timing for 1st std is  9:15 am to 2:45 pm.

The fee is a whopping Rs 75000/- annum. of which 25 K is the initial admission fee.

The school again serves food at lunch time. The school has excellent facilities for both academics and extracurricular needs. I could not meet the principal but the teachers were excellent. One teacher was so enthusiastic that she sat down and gave me all the details of what activites she was doing in her class :).  There was a well maintained football, basketball ground and a large swimming pool too. I really do not know how much is used but looking at the neatness, meant they were taking care of these well.   The younger kids have a lovely play area too. The lunch rooms was excellent.  I was already beyond the lunch time, else I would have had my lunch there, like I did at Vibgyor and Sharad Pawar International School.

The school admission details are copied from their site


Admissions for 2009-10 are open for classes I, III, IV, V, VII and VIII.

For details contact the school office

Timings : Monday to Friday – 09:00AM to 02.00PM

2nd and 4th Saturday of every month 09:00AM to12: 00 PM noon

Phone: 020- 667 31 621/ 22/ 24

Hi Madhurie, Kindly give reviews for PICT/MITCON/Indira National. thanks a lot in advance!!

Hi Madhurie, Currently my son goes to Sanskriti School Bhukum. He is in Jr. Kg. We are shifting to Baner next year and thinking about changing school since Sanskriti will be far from Baner. Though I have liked Sanskriti the best, due to distance only i am looking for options, I have checked out CM international, Indira, Vibgyor and Akshara. Can you please suggest which is school is better.

All 3 are good schools. Choose based on distance and fee.

Hi Madhurie I am a merchant navy officer and most of the time sailing abroad ...well I am planning to get admission for my daughter for nursery June 2016 batch.presently she is in playgroup in Pashan sus road .we stay in Baner and seek your valuable advise which school to opt for Indira kids , lokseva, Spicer, or Vibgyor. Your valuable advise van help us get our Daughter the right school from nursery to xii std ...thank you ...SANDEEP KAWALE

Hi madhurie Can u give me reviews for secondary classes in indira national , wakad as I m planning admission for class 7. How its overall feedback and its sports activities and cce. Pls reply

Hello Madhurie Can you suggest some good school near Tathawade area? I have heard of Indira National School, Akshra and Blossoms but fees for Indira and Akshra is on the higher side. My son is going to playschool, and I will be looking for admissions in nursery. I am looking for a school where he can continue his rest of academics.

Taken admission to Indira Kids Aundh for nursery Sun. School and staff looks cool so far. Had an argument with the school bus driver since we stay at different side of Pimple Saudagar than the most of population. As per driver kid should go in 13 no bus, and as per written address school staff and transport staff thinks that kid should be in 24 number bus. Though Indira National School bus comes to our society visitor parking since last many years, Indira kids bus driver had shown a lot of unhappiness coming there for 1 kid. I hope that we have more kids coming from our area since 1 july and the issue is sorted. I have seen people who left own bunglow to stay on rent somewhere else near to kid's school. And seeing the attitude transport guys show (after charging 7000 per 6 months and no discount for vacation months), I also feel like staying where from all the school buses naturally pass.

Hey Anuradha, Thanks for the feedback. I think INS has very active PTA and they efficiently take up issues on the yahoo group. I suggest you join the group and sort out the problem. If still you think its is not working then we can take it up.

Had madhurie, I am in chennai. Next year we r moving to pune (Hinjawadi). This year my elder son studying 2nd and my younger one is pre.k.g.pls suggest the schools and their admission processes. When the admissions are start.Give me some ......

Hi, I am looking admission for my daughter in Sr. KG. Please let me know which school is better ?

Hi, My son at present is studying in class 2 in indira national, wakad I was considering changing the school...bUT i am skeptical. because of the following reasons 1) My son quite adjusted and comfortable with the school 2) Will the change in school effect him in his development. Should I continue or change.. We are thinking of bishop. Plz help.

SO priti, One you need to write a review on the site or under this link as a comment. Then I will guide you.

Hmm Priti, I think I would need a review of the school in your own words. If you can write about the school, it will help me understand what are the good and bad about Indira Nationals and should I recommend you any other school or not. Remember no school is the best school in Pune. What is important is to find the most suitable school for you and your child. Having adjusted in a school is not any reason to change or not change a school. My kids have changed 8th schools. I do not ask them, as its a parents responsibility to find the best for their kids.

My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.

Good school Go ahead

Hi Madhurie, I am planning to put my son in Ukg in Indira kids for the year 2013. Can you please have your feedback on this. Thanks. Regards; Gopal

Hi Madhuri , i would like to know more about Indira kids for Secondary school as i am planning to admit my son for class 7th ,would like to know recent reviews (2013) Regards , Nilima

Sure Nilima

Hi, Kindly post your questions or discussions on thanks

hi i was looking for a good play school for my kid,i was just surprised to know that even at this level they charge such a high fee.

True but its best to send kids to playschools as they learns to mix with strangers better, share and also fight which is not possible at home. Also speech improves for kids whose moms are working too.

which is better bet jambo kid potadr and Indira for nursery?

Is there any interview of kid or parents at Indira kid?

for kids in nursery and upto sr kg no interview at Indira kids.

we stay in Aundh and are looking for nearby schools.which one would you suggest in CBSE & ICSE?

what news on vidya valley? is it a good option to consider?

yes kajal, its a perfect school, if close by.

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School Review - Indira Kids and Indira National School, Wakad, Pune

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