Schools reopen Pune DPS, Vikhe Patil, Vibgyor, Bishops, ST Marys, Vidya Valley, Aman Setu, StArnold, Indira

By Madhurie Singh, June 04, 2010

Most school will open in the coming week of June 2010.

St Mary’s opens 3rd June 2010.

Vibgyor High 10th June

Vikhe Patil for Kgs on 31st May to familiarize the kids. From 7th June all classes.

Bishops schools 7th June.

Dps Pune reopens on 14th June.

Indira National in mid August based on last year pattern.

SuperIndianKid  reopens on 1st July 2010.

Vidya Valley

2nd June

Std 10th reopens (Full Day)

8th June

Std 3 to 9 (8:00 to 12:30)

9th June

Std 2 (8:00 to 12:30)

10th June, Thursday

Std 1 (8:00 to 12:30). Half day also on Friday, 11th June

11th June, Friday

Jr KG and Sr KG start

Dear Madam, I am planning to move to Pune (Undri) in April 2019. I am seeking admission in VI standard for my kid. Kindly suggest some good ICSE schools in vicinity. Thanks, Sunil

Kindly book a phone consult.

Hi Madhurie, I recently got transferred to Pune from Manipal, Karnataka. I am in search of a school for my 2 kids , I & IV std , a school where kids communicate only in english , apart from studies extra curricular activities are also given importance . VPMS , DAV, Orchid are not having seats available. I found Vibgyor and CM International to be good. Let me know which school as per your study , you would suggest to go. Is there any other school nearby to Kothrud Which you can suggest and are equally good.

Hi, I visited Euroschool Undri recently and it seems like a very nice school. Am eagerly looking forward to admitting my daughter there, but am not getting much feedback, since it's a new school. Could you pls post a review on Euroschool Undri. Thanks.

Hi Anil, Kindly post your query in


Hello Mam, I am a mother of 3year old daughter who is in Nursery .Presently ,she is in Saplings Nursery. I am looking for a good school for the next academic year. She is being barred because of her age factor (August born) .Most of the good schools like Vidhya Valley,DPS etc.have eligibility criteria of completing 4 years on 31st of May.Since we are living on rental flat ,hence we can shift anywhere in Pune depending on the distance from school. Request you to kindly suggest some good school. Thanks Avantika

Try Vibgyor, orchid, orbis and new schools where age is fortunately not a bar. For more kindly go through online consulting.

Hi Madhuri, Thanks for such wonderful school review site where parents like us who are new to pune can find good school for our children.!!!!! we have shortlisted Vidya Valley and Wisdom World School for my daughter. Please give your feedback about these schools and which one will you suggest? Thanks in Advance, Srinivas.

Hi Srinivas, Both VV and WWW are great. But both follow 2 diff approach to educating. VV is more open vs WWW which is more old style. Yet there is no wrong or right or good or bad. As we do not have any data of the first types of schools as kids have come into mainstream from Indian schools.

Hi Madhurie, We are looking at following schools for admission of my son in L KG: 1. Vibgyor 2. VPMS 3. Symbiosis I stay in Kalyani Nagar and closest school from our house would be Symbiosis Intl. But, I am more keen on understanding which shcool will give him less pressure along with good sports infrastructure. I have visited the Vibgyor and VPMS schools and both do not have good sports ground (VPMS has one bldg operational and another under construction). Fees in Symbiosis looks to be very high in higher classes. Please let me know if you have information on how the sports facilities in Vibgyor and VPMS are planned to come up and which among the above will be the best for my child's education. Regards, Guncha

Hey Guncha, If you read the site well, all these are actually answered in the forum and as comments. Else you are ideal candidate for workshop as too many questions!

hi Ma,am, i am planning to put my son in VIGGYOR could you please give me a review of this school and comments of parents who are already having their kids in VIBGYOR

Hi Madhurie, we are relocating to Pune in April, and have narrowed down schooling for our 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter to VPMS lohegan, Sharad pawer int school, Orbis and Wisdom World. Have spoken to all schools, but I'm really confused. All the schools are new and still developing. Ideally looking for school that will develop the kids as all round individuals, at the same time want to ensure that the class sizes are not too big as they currently study in UK where there are 25 children, with teacher and teaching assistant in each class. please help the mind boggles!! Thanks Gita

I am very happy with the low pressure way of learning at VPMS. Yes there are a few teething troubles as its a new school, but for the sake of the future of my kids I would say its better to go slow at that age than make them into life long pressure cookers. CLass size I will say is not by design as I can see in many school, its more due to lack of space or admissions. So decide on what you are ok with. Coming from UK, I wud advice, forget that experience and come with open mind to India. :)

Hi Madhurie, I have been an ardent admirer of your site and have been silently following the discussions for quite sometime now. Last year I was frantically searching for LKG admissions for my daughter ( I had missed the opportunity to apply for some of the best conventional schools in pune as I started late not knowing the complexities involved) and finally preferred Wisdom World School, wakad compared to the other ones where my daughter got admission.Initially I had apprehensions about it being a new school but over the last year I was awed by the development, knowledge and confidence that my daughter displayed.Intially i thought of thinking abt a new school for her this year , but now I dont want to try :-). Do review this school when time permits and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprized. Regards, Nithya

Hi Madhurie, You have been an angel for me. We have moved to pune from B'lore this year. I was very worried abt the school for my 6 year old daughter.We came to know abt the move only in Feb. By that time admissions in all the big schools in pune were over so I was very confused. Then luckily through net I came across your site. Through your site I came to know abt Wisdom World school. Now my daughter is going there in 1st. She is very happy there. The school is far better than our expectation. GOD BLESS YOU dear. Thanks, -swati

Thanks Nithya :)

Hi, This is grandpa our case is exactly like MS. Manjiri2010 & Ms. Renugupta.I could not see the replies they got. My daughter Ms. Deshpande, who is US citizen want to move to Pune in 2011. Her daughter will be 7 year old and will go to 2nd standard next year.They will take house near the school. Please advise about the best school and also about Vikhe Patil School S.B.Road. I can give my daughter's tel/email id if they want.Thanks.

Hello Madhurie, I am planning to move to Pune from the US next year (2011). My son will go to 3rd grade then. We will be staying in Kothrud. So I was considering schools like Sanskriti and Vidya Valley. Do you have any review for these schools? If so, can you send me the links since I could not find them here. Also do you have any feedback from parents of schools close of Hingewadi/Wakad area - Blue Ridge, Akashra intl and Wisdom. You response will be appreciated. Regards, Manjiri

Sanskriti (CBSE) and Vidya Vally (ICSE) are both good schools. I will be doing many reviews this month. Wisdom World is new with ex St Mary's Prinicipal there, so she brings rich experience there. I have not reviewed it although so wait till month end.

Hi.. I m currently in US... planning to come back next year in march I was looking for some good CBSE /ICSE schools..(prefer CBSE ) the locations are or 2.Aundh(since it is close to hinjewadi) As i understand some of the good.schools in camp area are st.mary's,bishops,DPS,st.helen's. Now i m not aware of good schools in Aundh... I need some info regarding..2 things 1.Good CBSE schools in camp/Aundh... 2.MY daughter will be 7yrs in march 1 2011.. Can she get admission in 2nd grade...?? pls give your valuable suggestions... thanks rinu.

Hi Madhurie, My daughter goes to Lexicon International School, Wagholi since last year. I was fine with the teaching methodologies there till she was in UKG last year. But as my daughter as now shifted to std 1, I found their teaching methodologies to be really disgusting. It would be great if you could also try to get some reviews, (maybe from parents) from different schools about their teaching methodologies. Regards, Vrushali Ghag.

Dear Madam, My daughter from California will be relocating to Pune next year.Her daughter is 6 year old looking for a good school in Pune. Can we get some feedback from you? Thanks

St Mary, DPS, Vikhe Patil (Lohegaon), Aman Setu (Wagholi), Vidya Valley (Sus Village), Indira National are a few of the good schools in Pune.

Telling me abt it!! trust me its a sad state in our country.

Hi , I am Jatinder pal singh. Please give me some more inputs on Lexicon International school wgholi , Vikhe patil Lohegan , St Mary's and St Anne,s camp. I am recently transferred from nagpur . will i be able to get admission for my child for mary's and anne's? kindly advise.

Dear Jatinder, Kindly read the reviews, everything is on the blog and forum.

Schools reopen Pune DPS, Vikhe Patil, Vibgyor, Bishops, ST Marys, Vidya Valley, Aman Setu, StArnold, Indira

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