Schools with best board exam results are really the best?

By Madhurie Singh, December 19, 2012

Schools with best board exam results are really the best? It's a natural and logical step to check out the school result to assess it.

Somehow results were never in my priority list as when I was hunting for the schools my focus was JrKg to class 2. Maybe because I have always known that it's the understanding than the marks which matters.

But then when I am asked this same question by concerned parents I cannot help but think how important marks really are in the lives of their kids. 

May be a post separately on the importance of marks.

But right now for some eye opening facts about the so called schools where the students hold state ranks or toppers.

A few of these reputed schools are really smart and have learnt to apply strategic marketing techniques taught at IIMS'.

They hunt for the really bright students in class 9 or 10 from all over the city and even other cities. Then they lure the student's parents with big cash and a promise of free coaching to the student, if the student joins their school.

Now who will not take such an option coming from some of the most branded schools? It's a win-win situation for everyone. The parents are saving money, the student gets a branded school with free coaching, the school ensures a rank in the board exam! The only loser is the school that lost the brilliant future brand maker. 

So think before you go for a school that may boast of rank holders ! 🙂 





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