Shocking ! Calcium Sandoz for children contains Aspartame!

By Madhurie Singh, December 08, 2011

Expert Product Review

Like all parents I am also passionate about the calcium supplements  and many such vitamins for the well being and healthy growth of my children. So when I decided to cut on the allopathic medicines and shift to the natural health supplement, I was feeling great. So cold cough syrups were replaced by Adulsa and Dcold natural and home made ginger honey syrup. Replaced multivitamins by more daal, cereals, fruits and veggies only. But it was never a point of doubt to worry about age old Sandoz for calcium supplement. After all I ate them in my younger days.
 Like all evolved parents must do yesterday I read the label of the ingredients and nearly fell off the chair!
When I read that one of the ingredients was Aspartame!!!!!
Aspartame to be precise is sugar free substitute.



Now who takes sugar free. Adults of course!
Maybe to loose fat it helps but mainly diabetic people take it to cut on glucose intake.
Aspartame is a controversial product with claims that it has several harmful side effects.
I do not think in this highly commercialized world one can believe and trust any research any more. People easily are bought, research papers bought either by money or by power. When a company manufacturing aspartame has incurred crores in installation of the machinery, another crores in the marketing it, then by default its stakes go so high that any such reports damaging the product’s saleability factor become deadly for any company.
So anything that is against the bottom line of the company must be bought, sold or demolished AT ANY COST.
The research reports are forcibly manipulated if it is anti -product. Another easy way to promote is fake research reports by reputed people or labs.



























Anyways coming back to the fact.
If you pick up any sugar free tablets sold in any shop, you may read that it is not recommended for children. Yet the same aspartame is added in calcium sandoz chewable tablets which is sold only for children!!!
I have thrown away the cute doggy pack, when will you?
Each tablet of Calcium Sandoz contains 4 mg of Aspartame.
Also I found that there is no calcium in the calcium sandoz.!!!!
Thanks to Prashant ‘s blog.
14th Dec 2011 updated
I came across this lovely informative blog by Prashant (thanks Prashant ! )

Thanks for sugesstion,even i tired with ginger honey syrup,it works great! know more about home remedies.

Thanks for the valuable information, I was browsing through the websites to get hold of chewable calcium sandoz for my kids as none of the local pharmacists have them. Now I'm not going for that. Will try inducing natural ways to boost up calcium intake.

My new forum is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.

Could you email me on contact@madhuriesingh,com. Hope to make more such revelations. And thanks for the help. Bless you!

for more details call me on 9372500780 or on my mail [email protected].

there r so many because that selling products like these so I'm taking only WHO recommended products.

New drinks have been reviewed by me, pediasure, complan memory.


Hi Madhurie, I'm a great fan of ur blog. Most of the time i will be following ur blog. I liked the reviews you have done on the products and quite impressed with the way you did also it's very convincing for the parents to give a thought about it. Just have few questions from my side like.. I'm confused on using what are the best shampoos/tooth pastes for the kids. There are so many brands available in the market today and i have used many but, not satisfied with any one. So, why don't you please provide us insight on what are the good ones that we can use based on ur experience? Kiran

Thanks Kiran, I will try and do the research on toothpastes and shampoos too.

Hi Aditi Ghosh, why don't u give your real photo? we are eager to c u. Love.

thank you for the update

Hi, New Discovery!!! Calcium Sandoz is all about CALCIUM,but I have found some interesting news/ facts on the same. Must Read.

Hi Lux. I had to delete the entire part of your comment as per the rule of the internet blogging world, you cannot copy paste the content from any site on to any other place and falls under the rule of plagiarism. Yet the best way to spread the information is to provide the link of the content. :)

AN update. All new batches of Calcium Sandoz has mandatorily mentioned that it contains Aspartame! The product I have displaed is Manufacturing Batch Apr 2011. Kindly throw anything to do with calcium sandoz, whether it is mentioned or not. I just have the bottle showing my 140/- wasted :(

Check this article by Prashant, who is definitely more qualified in Pharma writeups than me.

I have taken the photographs... btI cud nt add the attachment. Pls mention ur mail id. Laxmi

My Pup is 15 days old :-) :-);)

Then for sure its older to mine! Anyways can you take the picture of the ingredient side top to bottom and mail me.

HI, I checked my Calcium Sandoz (Dog Bottle)...It is NOT mentioned anywhere on the pack lable that it contain Aspartame. I also checked my sweetener tabs- in that it was mentioned the presence of this substance.

May be your dog is older to mine ;)

My daughter had severe deficiency of Calcium and she was on Calcium supplement for almost a year.My Dr. had prescribed GEMCAL syrup. He had also advised to give her Calcium Sandoz...she is still on that dose (both). I will have to cross chk with my Dr. Thanx for updating!

Laxmi, Gemcal does not contain any sweetner, but Sandoz does. Doctors are really burdened with patients and so much to read that many a times they miss out too on many information. ALso when there is contradictory reports, It's best to keep a bay from such stuff.

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