Similarities between Marketing Guys and Politicians!

By Madhurie Singh, January 20, 2012


Ever wondered why the products’ division is always under pressure to make a product that fits clients’ demand, especially in Software Divisions?

The marketing team is pressurized to reach their targets and forced to get new customer or account at any cost. Many a times promising what even they do not really know about.

So now the entire company is pressurized.

With no time to take a break or breather, the retrospection is often missing. Tiny acts which can help reduce pressure if only the marketing team took time to realize what harm they are doing to themselves and their company by over promising.

In case they stop promising to deliver what the product cannot do, the product team has more chances of producing products that are closest to the clients’ specifications. This will lead to more satisfaction and trust coming from the customer and more often leading to more recommendations and work. And thus the pressure on the marketing team reduces automatically.

Lets look at our politicians.

They are promising all sort of whimsical stuff to the voters.  Some are promising free water for irrigation, some are promising free electricity, some promising cash amounts for marriage of girl child etc etc.

When these same politicians win by whatever means, they will be the first one to realize their blunder. Blunder because before promising these free bees they did not do any math. They have infact no clue as to what will these freebees cost to their government. How will they get their budget to give something free for which they are paying out of the taxes of the common people? They will demand for subsidies from the government in lieu of their support to the government. This subsidy will create more deficit which has to be covered by more taxes. Thus leading to more resentment from their voters and creating more chances of being thrown off.

Why should the central government pay for these illogical promises made to win by individuals, which will anyways never reach the needy? Take a break as a politician to not promise anything that cannot be feasible?  Take a break as a voter to match up their claims with your needs.

So when you vote next time, look for people who are not claiming stars and moon to GIVE you, but more practical things that YOU need. Do not get carried away by friendship or sweet talk. Even if you don’t get along with your MLA, if s/he can do good to your entire area, vote for him/her. Remember politicians have the power to change the country only through your voting. So give your votes to only those who has the ability and the passion to make India a better place for your children and grandchildren.


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