St Mary's in trouble now after DPS Pune

By Madhurie Singh, January 04, 2013

St Mary’s school in Pune, the so called elite school is now in trouble after another sought after school DPS.

Looks like the RTE act is not just come into action but seems to be cleaning the under carpets too. 🙂

First it was DPS Pune to come under the fire of RTE (Right to Education Act) for taking undue payments from the parents in the name of development cost and penalized to pay Rs 22.4 crore (10 times of the amount accumulated) as fine!

Now it’s the turn of St Mary’s school at Camp.

The Pune Zilla Parishad has served notice to St Mary’s school to re-conduct the class Prep and Class 1 admission for the year 2013-14. The reasons being followed:

The school rejected admission to an economically backward child giving them the reason that the school is for minorities only.

Later when the Zilla Parishad acted on this complaint, found that the school was not certified to be a school for minorities. The school later claimed that they had applied for the minority status but did not get the certification in 2002. Since then no one followed it !

“Any school that violates provisions of the RTE Act despite coming under its purview will have to face action. The Act, which ensure 25 per cent quota for students from weak social and economic background, even stipulates  stern punishment like de-recognition of school,” Bhujbal told Newsline on Wednesday.

But for parents who have got admission for their kids this year it will be a stressful situation as going by the RTE, 25% seats will have to be replaced by those who were given admission. So from a class of 45 which often goes to 50 students in St Mary’s class UKg or Preparatory class as they call,  a maximum 12 kids will have to face the brunt of the school’s carelessness. How will the school come to terms is a food for the brain.

May be they could:

1. First check how many of the current admissions fall under the criteria of the RTE. Keep these admissions as it is by proving their validity.

2. Form a new section for class UKg and class 1 and fulfill the RTE required criteria of 25% quota for economically backward class admission.

But hats off to the Bishops school to have managed to keep away from the RTE ‘s axe !!!!!!!!!

Now that the Pune Zilla Parishad has given the schools ultimatum, two things will happen:

1. The schools with good green muscle power will try waving the green flags! Then they will straighten up.

2. The schools that do not have the green power will straighten up their act asap. Lets hope the second is in the majority.


Yeah ;)

Good to see some positive change happening :-)

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