Start using these oils if you want healthy children

By Madhurie Singh, January 10, 2017

Mustard (Sarson) oil, sesame (til) oil, coconut (nariyal) oil, yellow butter of cow’s milk and cow’s ghee.

These must be cold pressed not processed by chemicals in factories.

Stop refined oils of any brand. All are chemically processed to such an extent that they have lost their real nutrition.

You want healthy children the start using cold pressed vegetable oils and desi ghee especially home made.

Refining of vegetable oils was to increase shelf life.

Another reason was to be able to withstand climatic variations while transporting oils.

We ate desi ghee and pure vegetable oils in the first half of our lives. Heart diseases and diabetes did not occur much. But, did they decrease because of shifting from ghee to dalda or from pure vegetable oils to refined vegetable oils? On the contrary, the percentage of heart diseases have increased exponentially!

But our children have been on refined oils since their birth! Can you even fathom their health in their forties?

Get address of your nearest oil mill where cold pressed oil can be bought.

It will be slightly expensive but slowly with more demand, there will be more oil mills to counter the price.

This will be the best gift you will give to your children. Remember that what oil they eat in their childhood will become their oil for life.

So in short, stop refined oil and start cold-pressed oil made of coconut, groundnut, sesame, mustard. Start using desi ghee and butter made at home.

I make butter and ghee at home just enough for 4 people. Even my pet dog eats roti with ghee!

Learn to make ghee at home here. 

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