Survey to Empower Parents

By Madhurie Singh, April 14, 2013

This is a survey to empower parents.

In today’s world every object you buy is decided by the buyer. But when it comes to the educational institutes, it reverses!

That is why all institutes are charging illogical fee in the name of various heads.

Well, if they are providing a great curriculum, teachers, infrastructure and activities then it seems reasonable. But in the name of all these facilities if the school provides only shoddy curriculum, average teachers, poor infrastructure and activities for the namesake, it’s highly unfair.

Here is a Survey, that is designed to collect your views about what you are comfortable with when it comes to academic fee, transport fee, activity fee, books and uniform fee charged by the schools.

Do take out a small amount of time to fill in this survey as it will be shared with most educational institutes in India and also with many policy makers who can make a change.

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