Teaching Virus and Vaccines to 4 -6 yr old !!!!!

By Madhurie Singh, August 11, 2009

Thanks to swine flu, I have loads of information that I can share with my kids as they are 24X7 at home !!!!

They are always fighting for the same stuff, be it the TV remote or the laptop, or their transformers or even the same set of crayons !!!

So my younger son suggested that we goto Mc Donald’s. Before I could answer, my older one told the younger one that because of swine flu its closed down. Then I found him showing the McDonald’s empty entrance from our window.

This is how their conversation went.

” There are swine flu’s there so we can not goto the Mc Donald’s today.”

“Bhaiya if we go there , swine flu will kill us?”


“What if we wear our jacket and then go and kill the swine flu, then we can go to McD.”

“Yes we can try that. Mumma is superwoman, we will send her there at night. She will kill all the swine flu.”

“ok, come lets ask mom.”

“Mumma will you go tonight and kill the swine flu in the McDonald, you can wear your special dress.”

” Ok, I will have to first get one special injection, which will make me stronger, then I can go and fight all the swine flu virus.”

“Do you know what is a virus?”

“yes, friends of bacteria!”

“why should we be scared of virus?”

“Because they make us sick.”

“Where do they live?”

“They live in dirty places.”

“How do they come to us?”

“They come to us through cold water, nosey, cough, sneeze and dirty hands, mouth and legs.”

“And also if we do not brush our teeth.”

“What do the virus do in your body?”

“They kill our body parts.”

“How do we kill virus.”

“By injection and medicines.”


“Do you know how that injection is made?”


“The doctor uncle takes out little blood from a person who has fever because of the swine flu virus.”

“One bucket?”

“No, one small syringe”

“Then that blood is mixed with lots of water”

“To bathe the virus”

“No, to make it weak”

“Then the doctor takes little virus-water that has some weak swine flu virus and puts it in your body through an injection.”


“When our body police sees one weak virus, they make more police who have to fight this weak swine flu virus. They wear caps too. And all cap has swine flu police written on them !”


“Then whenever any strong swine flu virus comes inside your body, all the police with swine flu cap jump and kill the virus !”

“Yippy !!!”

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