Thank you for the immense love and honor you have given me

By Madhurie Singh, November 29, 2013

Greetings from Madhurie Singh !
I sincerely, truly appreciate you.

The fact that you’re a subscriber, even if you don’t get to read each article, means the world to me.

I know you’re bombarded with endless emails and a zillion things competing for your attention so I don’t take the privilege of your time lightly.

I’m grateful to be a part of your world and wish you and your loved ones an amazing admission and holiday season.

Well a lot has been happening around. Got a year older and wiser 😉 on the 24th Nov.
Then I was pleasantly surprised to read that Google has selected me as one of their esteemed judges for the 2013 Google Cloud Computing Competition. So I have been busy with the formalities and even now finished only half the number of the Apps I am assigned to judge! Phew!
So while I am little used to evaluating and reviewing schools, I am a newbie when assessing Apps that too of the standard laid down by Google!
Yet, you are the most important to me.
So lets begin the business of consulting with you right away.
There are 3 modes of consulting that you may opt from as mentioned below:
1. Workshops
  • One on one and very very effective for 2 hours / 3 hours.
  • By the end of the workshop, you should finalize a school. I do not give you a list to go with. 🙂
  • We assess your child’s abilities, family background, educational, professional, financial and emotional mattering to you
  • Based on the assessment and priorities you mention, I will suggest to you the best schools suitable for your child.
  • How to fill the admission form to get a call?
  • We will together go through a mock interaction session between parents and the school principals.
  • A discussion on what questions are asked to the children for pre-primary admission.
  • And last but not the least all the tips and tricks about school admission.
  • And then your doubts and queries will be handled.


 To book your workshop appointment
Kindly reply to this email with date, time and hours of workshop you are comfortable with.
After all its a one time stress that will go a long way, 15 years to be precise!
2. Phone Consulting

  • One on one over a phone call for 30 min or 60 minutes
  • By the end of the phone consultation you should be sure of the school you have selected for your child.
  • We will assess very briefly about the nature of the child, your educational, financial and social background to find the best school for your child
  • Answer all your queries and doubts
  • How to fill the admission form if applicable
  • How to answer the admission related questions asked to the parents and the child
  • Tips and tricks about school admission

To book your phone consulting appointment with me, 

Kindly reply to this email with date, time and how many minutes of call you are comfortable with.
After all its a one call to me that will ease your stress for the next 15 years!
3. Webinar 
Kindly click this link to attend tonight’s webinar at 10pm.
  • Many parents will be attending the Skype webinar session live for 2 hours @ 999/-
  • It’s convenient for all the parents to finish dinner by10pm, put the kids in their sleep and without wasting time on travel get on to the laptop.
  • We will go through the general issues of school admission and process
  • How to fill admission form
  • How to answer questions and answers for school interviews
  • Tip and tricks about school admissions
  • One to one Q&A with each parent

To book your Webinar using Skype for tonight’s 29th November 2013 at 10pm click this link.

Hope you have the time for 2 hours tomorrow with me online in order to get relief for the coming 15 years !
So Click the above link or reply to this mail for booking your phone appointment or workshop appointment.
Just to inform you, I am away from 16th Nov 2013 to 5th Jan 2013 on our winter holidays.
Good luck and Take Care

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