The ant and the juice

By Madhurie Singh, March 05, 2009

My elder son is only 5.5 yrs and is such a cleanliness freak that I wonder why did I ever have to tell him about washing up !


Yesterday I gave him  a glass of chilled orange tang. He looked inside the glass, only to find a small red ant floating in the juice. He promptly showed to me the ant in his juice. I dipped a finger and took the ant out, then gave back the glass to him.

He again looked inside the glass but returned it back saying that the juice was dirty now. I knew this would happen so was prepared for the same. So I  told him that the ant is very tiny and now its out of his glass, so he can drink it off.

But my son being my son, refused to digest this simple act that removal of the ant out of the glass meant his juice was now clean enough. He had his reason too. He told me what I normally tell my kids once they are back from outside in the home. 

He said ” Mamma ! This ant must have been walking out side without any shoes. So when it came and got into my juice glass, all the dirt from its legs have washed into the juice ! So all the juice is now dirty too!!!!!”

Needless to say , I had no answer but to make another fresh glass of juice for him 🙂


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