The modified Raksha Bandhan

By Madhurie Singh, August 02, 2012

Today we changed the traditional meaning of Rakhi in my family. None of the cousins Rakhies reached us today and I knew my sons would be really upset ! So I got  a couple of new ones from the shop.

I asked my boys to quickly take bath and get ready. My elder son asked me, " Mom, we can protect even without taking bath "!

But looking at my eyes he quietly took bath leaving me pondering over his question and logic! How true! We should be conditioned to protect or care in all situation and not only when we are clean, fresh or when we have the means! 

Next we started the Rakhi tying procedure. I tied on behalf of all their cousins who are all away in different cities and countries.

"How is it possible to protect them from Pune?", asked my younger one.

"You are supposed to take care when they are with you and when possible", I said. Then I thought over and told them that there will be a change in the tradition from today.

We will celebrate this day by taking a vow to take care of the person who ties the Rakhi not just protect.

So my sons tied Rakhi to each other and promised to take care and protect each other in need.

Later they tied Rakhi to me too and said that they want my caring and protection, with a promise that the day I tie them Rakhi, the role will reverse.  I pray it never happens. 🙂

With time the tradition can be modified not abolished to keep up the festivity it brings in our lives. 


very true modification, even I made both my daughter's to tie rakhis to one another. alokita

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