The need for Finishing school or Finish me schools

By Madhurie Singh, December 28, 2010

The Indian youth is unemployable as per a leading publication’s report a few days back.

The report may be a bit too late considering the age of the gap. The gap in terms of the education received in the professional colleges as compared to the knowledge needed by the youth to start working on any company project has widened into a big chasm. This chasm devours a lot of the enthusiastic youth who are full of life, positivity and energy to work hard. Companies also are hapless to find no fresher seems to be fitting their simple requirements.

Add to this the lack of communication skills and the finesse’ needed by many young freshers after they somehow manage to get hired.

Why is it that our existing curriculum in all professional educational institutes still are teaching what is redundant? Why is it that institutes do not realize the importance of training and teaching what is relevant to the current employment needs? Why is it that the emphasis on presenting oneself, on writing good write ups, on giving good presentations on various etiquette arenas not included in the curriculum?

Once upon a time, a BA or an MA could earn one a great job. Soon read more

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