The Orbis School Pune

By Madhurie Singh, April 10, 2010

I visited the Orbis school a month back. The school follows CBSE pattern but I forgot to ask if they have got the affiliation or is it in the process.

I found it very small for the kind of school plan i.e.1.5 acre for  a full fledged school! .

But I am sure they must be looking to buy plots near by. The farmer wasn’t too happy to sell off as of now.

The school has experience of running Panda Kids, so I am sure they can handle kids.

The school is around 1.5 km from  the Mundhwa road. Since it’s inside the fields, it will have to be kachcha road. But that should not be any factor to decide as the road will be done by the school itself, as they told me. Also the distance is very little form the main civilization.

They do have loads of activities which are a necessity now a days. Dance, Music etc.

The fees is quite reasonable too .

School timing:

Play school :    8:30am – 10:30 am   and  10:30 am – 12:30 noon

Nursery / JKg / Sr Kg :                                             8:30am – 12:30pm

1st std – 4th std                                                             8:30am – 2:30pm

They have something interesting called E-Book or E-class where they teach a 15 min of 45 min session using Educomp Smart Class.

They will have clubs for kids for Nature / Social / Life Skills.

I wish they do not work with Abacus as it’s something that is useless for today’s  world. Kids do not benefit from it in the long run and waste of time and money. Instead Vedic Maths is best option. I guess I will have to write an article on this subject sometime.

They have transport too and I think Rs 500-600 was for Kalyani Nagar.

The trustees have a member who I was told is owner of the Billboard company and hence so many billboards and posts all over the city :).

Overall I got positive feelings about the school though they mislead me when I wanted to visit the school. 🙂 But I understood that they would rather show the completed picture of the school than half done.

My verdict is that it’s too early to say anything about it just like Wisdom World School as both have not even started. Writing anything about their quality would be unfair and killing the baby before it’s born.

HELLO MAAM, My daughter had been studying in icse uptil 10th but now we are looking for a cbse school for science class 11..And many people have recommended ORBIS ,keshavnagar for that will it be good? Regards Pragya

Hello Mam, I am very confused which school is best for my child for 1st standard,PODAR Internation school wagholi or ORBIS School ,Mundawa. Please guide,Thank you in advance.

Hi Rajesh, You need to book a phone consult to get expert advise.

Hello, I find this site extremely poorly laid out and terribly unorganized, inconsistent. Just imagine the review says... "I visited a month a back...", and where is the date the blog was written? some other schools are reviewed with some sort of table and values assigned to attributed etc. How can a parent take such reviews seriously and be convinced of coming to you for a consultation? Perhaps you have ample good knowledge of schools in Pune, but the way this site is, it is not very confidence raising. Do fix it!

Thank you for the feedback. This is a personal blog which has grown to become so huge. If you want a structured site visit Else write to me at [email protected] for personal time and consultation over phone. For free advice, the blog is freely available.

Hi madhurie will u plz help me to choose the school fr my daughter in third class as m new in pune

Hi Shilpa, You need to have a consultation where I need to understand your entire future requirements too. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on Then book a phone call for one hour.

Dear Shilpa, You need to have a consultation. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on Then book a phone call for one hour.

hi madhuri can i get personal counselling in ?

Hi Madhuri and parents, Please look the below review of Orbis school Pune. I too have given one review which I thought you all need to go through before you could think about this school – Thanks, Ashok

Hi Madhuri and parents, Please look the below review of Orbis school Pune. I too have given one review which I thought you all need to go through before you could think about this school - Thanks, Ashok

Hi Ashok, Kindly post the review in the comment section, instead of the link as we do not allow outbound links.

Hi madhurie I want ur review on orbis school mundhwa for play grp

Just google search orbis and madhuriesingh

Hi Madhurie, Can you pls advise if Orbis is a safe option to go for if my child doesnt make thru Bishop's Kalyani Nagar comign year. Also the new bilding they are constructing on keshav nagar road, will that improve the infrastructure concern u raised? Thanks, Saloni ([email protected])

Hi Saloni, I cannot guide you without really profiling your family and your child.

[…] Read my previous review on Orbis […]

Hello Madhurie, Orbis School affiliation number given 1130390 is in provisional period. What does that mean? Why they collect TERM and Annual fees is that as per Department of education of state? Thanks!

Hi Neetu, Provisional mean for the time being until permanent affiliation is granted after inspection by the CBSE board. Don't worry.

Thanks Madhurie and Bhuvaneswari for your reply. Actully, I am satisfied withthe replies. I did asked the same question to the school management and they have replied in length very promptly to each and every point. Orbis is a good progressive school and can be considered.

hi vikas ...i too searching a school for my son who is two year old.Orbis school has got CBSE affliation.You can check in the cbse affliation site either using keyword or state wise search. For your reference:Affliation number of Orbis is 1130390

Thanks Bhvaneswari

Hello Madhurie, I had almost finalized the admission decision of my 3 yr old son in Orbis school for Jr. KG class. However just came acroos two reviews on different web sites like and After reading these reviews, I am really scared... Can you help me find out the truth? DO you have any recent review of this school? Are they not affiliated yet? Are their teachers not upto mark? Why don't they show upper classromms ?(this happened with me too). Do they really take next session's fees in case we want to withdraw our child? Thanks Vikas Agarwal

As far as affiliation is concerned, most schools take 5 years minimum to get CBSE to visit their school for affiliation.

Yes the last time I had visited the upper class rooms, they were unfinished. Fee is totally up to you to talk and manage. But if you have no peace, then do not take admission. Parents must be satisfied 100% only then the kids are happy.

Hello Madhurie, i need to know comparision review for 4 schools (Orbis / Prodigy / Lexicon / Pawar international Schools) Thank you. Regards, Sumeet

Hi Sumeet, there is data on the site that you are free to compare. Yes a few schools are not reviewed so you may not find the data but since I am not getting time to write the review. But will share in my workshops, calls etc.

HI, I have been your blogs and first i would like to thanks to for this information. I am planning to shift in keshav nagar, and first choice for my son is The Orbis School, but I would like to see few more option like Prodigy or Lexicon Schools. Secondly fees structure is growing more than infletion retes as well as Transportation. i need your comparision review for 4 schools (Orbis / Prodigy / Lexcon / Pawar international Schools) considering 1. Eduction 2. Staff 3. Skillsets 4. Cost 5. Helth factor. Today I am only working and having high homeloan so please consider but without any escuse for future of my son. Tahnk you. Regards, Sumeet

Dear Sumeet, That is what I do in the workshop. I look into your status, financial and all angles, future and past, only then I recommend the most suitable school to you. The idea is suitability to you and your child not the best school in Pune.

Sanjay Bhatia You can post your questions "About Victorious Kidss,IB school, Kharadi, Pune" . For Pawar Public School too you can ask separate questions on You will get answers if only one school is mentioned in one Discussion.

Sure I will help you . Kindly fill the contact form on the site. Also you may want to attend my seminar this Sat.

Hello Madhuri, Highly appreciate your forum and help. My son is 18 months old, I have been searching for playschool for him. I stay in magarpatta and my wife and me work in Kharadi, Victorious is the closest and obvious choice for me. I visited them and have few points: 1) They are one of the most expensive schools, but they say there are the best, how true is it? 2) It too early to decide for board ie I.B, ICSE etc, but is it so important to have IB board? 3) Can I look at Pawar Public school or Vivero International school in Kalyani nagaras an option, as both are at easily reachable distance. Please guide, Thanks a lot.

i have mailed you the consulting details.

Hello Madhuri, thanks for providing this forum. I am staying at hadapsar. My child is 2.7 yrs old and I am planning to take his admission for nursery. I have tried for Hutchings, he faced their interview and he did extremely good but then also they rejected his admission without no reason.Now I am confused, if He will not get admission anywhere like DPS or Bishop for next year for no reason what should I do? Shall I put my child to Orbis or St.Matthews for this year? so please guide me...Thanking You.

Hi does anyone have any feedback on the Heritage School Talegaon? I understand it is a CBSE residential school. I am looking for residential schools in and around pune for Class XI for my son. looking forward to comments

Hi Madhurie n All Forum members , Can anyone please give me some more info about the school as i would like to get the admission for my daughter in the same school for Nursery. They provide Transport facility but i think its very costly.. ...charging nearly 2700 Rs /mnth for that nearly equals to school fees ( 34 k), does they allow private transport ?? Can parents of kids going to Orbis school comment on this. Regards

I think the bus fees is not that much. Check out my review. May be ur confused.

Hi Madhurie, Transport Fees of 10-12k /annum is confirmed by school ( have to be paid in Two installments ), earlier figure of 2700 Rs/ mnth..was wrong..had some confusion. yeah i read in ur review about 500-700 Rs / seems they have increased Transport fees now. Thanx

Sorry its my mistake,,its around 12k/ thts Ok.

I live in Wagholi, and I am looking for a good CBSE school for my daughter (for LKg). After some research on forum, I have zeroed down on 2 schools- 1. VPMS Lohegaon 2. Orbis Keshavnagar VPMS campus is really huge, but I found teachers/staff quality better in Orbis (as per my observation). In terms of activities, both of them claim to have similar activities. I am not considering travel distance as an criteria for school selection. Can you please assist me to decide which one among these 2 schools will be better for my daughter?

Hi Prashant, I would advice go with your gut feeling. What is more important, bricks or live people? Structure or teacher?

Thanks Madhurie for quick reply! But another think which worries me is complains registered by couple of this forum members in complains section (about orbis - complains regarding not conducting extra curricular activities regularly). I also read in those sections that you was planning to visit the school principal for discussing these concerns. Can you provide me updates about same? My observations about these schools and teachers is just based on my short time visits to schools. So i find it really risky to go only by own gut feeling. I am looking forward to take my decision with help of your and other forum members long term experience. Can you (and other forum members) please share your experiences to compare 2 schools? (I know there are lots of feedbacks on forum about these 2 schools, but they are independent feedbacks, I need feedback comparing both schools) Thanks in advance!!

Kindly visit the online consultancy page for more

Dear parents of kids going to Orbis school. Kindly write your complaints in the FORUM especially built to help you all. After 10 complaints we plan to talk to the Orbis school management and solve your problems. But unless we have minimum 10 complaints, we will not have enough data to back us up. Also request you to not make different ids to fasten the process. Let genuine people know about this facility. Also I will assure you that no names will be disclosed ever to any school management. The idea is to allow and give schools a chance to rectify the problems. Most of the times the school mgt is not even aware of the problems we parents are facing. And there is no use cribbing or just suffering or bad mouthing the school. Our aim is to make the education system a good experience for you, your kids and the school management.

Hello Madhurie, I am also one of worried parent, looking at the current scenario of school admissions and pattern of study. I am staying at Wanoworie, and both of us are working. So I was looking for a good convent school, which can take good care of my child's study needs. Currently I got to know two schools following CBSE pattern - Vatsalya and RIMS schools (both in Undri). So it would be great if you can give me an insight/feedback on both these schools, so that I can take a wise decision. Thank you so much for your help! Regards, Jesal

Well Jesal, both are so so schools. Why don't you check out the search system that I have developed for parents who need to search schools based on various schools. Click here

Hi Madhuri, Firstly, Thanks a lot for providing this forum. I have just shifted to Pune from Delhi and looking for admission to Sr.KG. I'm staying in hadapsar area and looking for a school where I can get admission for my son in Sr. KG. I know I am little late. Can you please guide me where can I get an admission for my kid now?

Hmm Rishi, I think you can read the blogs on all the schools and if even after that nothing makes sense, you will have to attend my workshop.

Hi I would like to know more about this School :)

hi... firstly i truly appreciate your blog and the information here. in fact i have been wanting to post this for quite somet ime but just didint get down to doing it. i read your review on all the schools in pune last year when i wa slooking for admission for my daughter here in pune. It was very useful for me at that point of time. I finally took admission for my daughter in Orbis and am happy. thanks a ton.

Thanks Rahul for the appreciation. And more so for coming back and giving your feedback abt Orbis. Just a bit curious! Shud I take the 420 in your id really seriously or just a blunt attempt!

also, i read your review and you have recommended vedic maths. can you post any link for us to read about this subject on your site. i check on google but im getting very ambiguos pages. do you know any institute that teaches vedic maths as a part time course?

Hi Dhananjay, Yes I want to write about the benefits of Abacus or Vedic Maths and the myths behind these, the disadvantages of getting into these too. I think I will write in this vacation. Vedic Maths I am myself a big fan of, which ideally should be taught only after the concepts and steps of solving problems is very clear to the kids. Vedic maths is nothing but shortcut to getting to the answers, hence should not be taught to kids of younger age. Abacus is a tool based learning, hence its enhances brain activity but not worth while in the long term. As a summer camps etc they are really great but depending on it in higher classes is a question you will ask...

could you recommend a good ISC school (11th and 12th) in the locatlities of kondwa, wanowrie, camp or thereabouts.

Hi Dhananjay, St Mary's is good. Bishop Camp is good. they are ISC. In wanowarie you can try DPS (CBSE) or Vibgyor (ICSE / IGCSE).

Just a question. my son is in a boarding school in panchgani. Next year he finishes 10th and will be doing 11th and 12th in Pune. Can you let me know of some good ISC schools in Pune. Kondwa, wnowrie, camp is the general location im looking at....thx

Hi Madhurie, Can u plz suggest me a good icsc school in pimpri chinchwad. Thanks, Regards, Azma

Hi Madhurie, Its ok but i dont want to show my identity as it can affect on my child. Anyways that was something i felt about tht school. Really the school lack management a lot. U just can ask any single parents and u will definetely get a negative feeling about the school. They are forcing the parents at every point. Stating cafeteria is complusory, uniform is compulsory, join our bus service.... they changed there uniform as well which was something different last year and now forcing to buy a new uniform. They talked too politely when we were there for admission but the scenerio is very different now. They dont care if the parents are suffering. They called us to collect the uniform and books but there is nothing in the stock. We as a parents are also not free to go to the school again and again. they quite easily change the dates(promotion , annual, orientation week) which they committed and informed just by a single SMS. and much more to say. You just have a talk with few parents and you yourself will came to know about the situation. The worst thing happen when 2 kids were roaming outside the gate and construction of road is going on. There was no teacher around. Also when the parents of this 2 kids arrive they just say Sorry and everything was ok. just think of the worst thing that could have happened.

Dear parents, I think I have failed to build a trust . The fact that nameless and obscure ids are asking me queries is my failure. Maybe its not worth having this site where people do not have courage to speak up for the good of their own child and expect a third person to take up issue for them. I would, provided I see there is a face and name who I am dealing with. I cannot help imaginary ids.

I feel so bad to tell something about the Orbis school. There is no management, neither security for the kids. Nor they stick to their own wordings. As its the new school therE must be proper management which this school lacks a lot. A few days back 2 kids were roaming outside the gate as it was the closing time of the school. Parents are waiting for the kid outside the school and they allow the child to board the bus :( .During the school closing hour they dont bother to take care of the kids and the little kids stands in such a hot weather waiting for their parents. and much more to be said but .... So as a parent i wont suggest anyone to take admission in THE ORBIS SCHOOL.

Hi Aboutschool, I wud appreciate if you called me and sopke to me about the Orbis school. I do not want to post your comment until then.

Hi , I am looking for my kids admission for UKG and am confused among the 3 schools : Lexicon, Prodigy and Orbis. Can you pls suggest me the best one ...

Madhurie, How does it make difference if a school is not CBSE affiliated and just follows CBSE pattern. There are many schools (known as good schools like Amanora School, VIBGYOR School, Orbis School) that follow CBSE pattern but are not listed in CBSE website as affiliated school. What are the cons if one's kid is studying in such schools. Thanks Ashish

Well education wise there shud be no difference. Its only after class 6 that kids need to give exams as per the board and hence the pattern of learning is subjective to board. Ideally a school can apply for CBSE but will be approved only after 5 years! So even poor schools have no choice. Meanwhile a school has the freedom to use any text book it chooses to.

Madhurie, So what is the risk in sending kid to such schools. Thanks Ashish

Madhuri, Can you please provide your feedback/review about prodigy public school at wagholi. Thanks.

Hi Madhuri, I am planning to take admission for my son to Nursery. My son is very shy & never speak anything infront of persons other than family members. I am quit worried about his school interview. & also he is not ready to go to school(playgroup) even after 2 months from taking admission to playgroup & cries too much while going to school. Do you know how I can handle this situation? Nilesh.

Hello Madhurie, Can you please suggest me school for my Son (07-Oct-2010) in and around pimple saudagar. I have tried few like DAV (closed), The Orchid (no seats in Jr.KG), City International (need to inquire). Can you pls add more to my list. Thanks, Fanish

Hello Ma'am, You are doing a great job of guiding parents. My son is currently studying in Prodigy Public School in 3rd Std. We are planning to shift his school to Orbis. Would like to see yur advice on Orbis school. Thanks Biju

Orbis is a new school. I did review before it had started but have not seen it after the school went operational. The reviews from other parents is also ok , not very good and not very bad. May I know the reason of your decision to shift from Prodigy public school? Also is it the wagholi branch ?

Hello Madhurie, I am finally in Pune and looking out for a school for my son who is 3.2 yrs (born on 7-Oct-2007). My residence is at Pimple saudagar and i am looking for a school in and around that area. It seems that the i am too late to look for a good school.Secondly coming from Noida where my son is eligible for Nursery here at his age he is eligible for JKG. I am very much confused as every school has there own criteria. Hence before we get frustrated we thought of going for Kidzee Jr.KG (Pimple saudagar) which they have till Sr.KG (planning to expand) and in that one year of time we can study about all the good schools near by and accordingly take steps further 2012-2013. Now what do you say about our plans and review about Kidzee. Thanks & regards, Fanish

Welcome to Pune Fanish. No u r not late. The schools are still coming out with their online forms. A few have finished. I would not go for any playschool and try for school where the kid can continue till 10th std. Admissions are tough here as I think looking at what's happening with delhi kids, its the same soup.

Hi Madhuri, What are your views about vibhyor , balewadi & Podar - Chinchwad/Pimpri? I also heared about St. Joseph,kadki..can you give you views.Thanks. Nilesh

Vibgyor Balewadi will be a good idea, instaed of Poddar.

Hi madhurie, I liked your reviews and comments about schools. I am trying for admission of my second child for 1std who is in ukg now.I am looking for a good school nearby vimannagar where i stay.could you please guide me to get him admitted to a good cbse school.

Hi Madhurie, Any reviews about Wisdom world school in Wakad? Monica

sorry Monica for late reply. Not reviewed it yet.

Hi My daughter goes to Orbis School and is admitted to Nursery. We took a chance as it was a new school....but all said and done it was a wise decision....and we are very happy with her progress and development.Infrastructure is still a work in progress but we hope that the school will turn out to be one of the best in this area as every time we visit there is a visible change at ground level. Also Bishops had refused admission to our daughter for no reasons given and it was frustrating time for us....but i guess whatever happens ...happens for the best... :)

Hi Neha Can you please give me some more info about the school i would like to get the admission for my daughter in the same school for LKG. Please Reply,

Hi, My daughter also going to Orbis school, how old your daughter is?

To Arnavi26 Hi I am also planning to get admission there in Orbis for my daughter please let me know how do you feel about the school.

I have two sons.

Just an off-the-cuff question here. What factors make for a good pre-school? I have noticed a lot of micro management in the so called "good" ones, so am wondering if this is the norm?

i want to take admission of my son 3 yrs old in jr. kg in hadapsar, sugget me the best school?

Hi Madhurie, I just transferred to Pune and seeking admission for my daughter in LKG,(she's 3.5 year old) I almost tried all the schools(pawar public, Bishop, St patric, St Marry, Kangaroo Kids) but none of the school is ready to give admission and finally I tried in Orbis school and they have seats available. As per your review about this school I am just confused whether to take admission in Orbis, Can you please advise? Thanks, Ananta

Hi Madhurie May I get any inputs on this?

hi madhurie, i hv narrowed down to vibgyor high and vidya valley and wisdom world. which one would u suggest, why? am really confused - location is not an issue. pls help, R (punemum)

What is your take on Wisdom World? Can someone review its initial year?

Hi Madhurie, Compliments to you for the fantastic insights , rather facts, about all the schools in Pune . My child is in Vivero International at Kalyani Nagar . We joined this school as (a)its closer home (b) warm & loving staff (c) clean. They seem to be following an IB approach, though its not categorically mentioned . Last Dec , we tried for Bishops, Camp LKG, however, my child was denied admission .I am not too sure if it was on account of me being a single parent or is it on account of an "international" school tag for a few christian colleagues of mine say that Bishops are not too keen on children of single parents . Would you know of any such thing for sure ? Also, does St Mary's boys alos have the same bias as this Nov-Dec , we will try for St Marys boys Thank & regards, Rayoflight

Please can you give me suggestion to select schhool between Bishop school/ The Orbis school.

Leena, now that you have boiled down to only two schools, it shud not be very difficult. Write down wat r imp factors in developing kids in ur opinion. Then after rating them, rank the two schools. Visit both schools, principals and teachers... I am sure u will be able to decide. Final decision has to be yours.

Hello Mam, First of all i want to thank you for all this information you are providing. I am facing a confusion about my child's admission . I am taking admission for LKG. He already got admission in Bishop. But that result declared in last week only and before that as a security we took admission in ORBIS school. we really liked their concepts and it will be near to us as we are staying nearby magarpatta city but new one. Bishop will be far but it is settled one school. So i want suggestion from you. Which will be the better option?

Hi Mam, I just registered to your site! You are doing a commendable job of guiding parents!!! Would it be possibel for you to give a review on RIMS CBSE school that is opening shortly in Undri (ahead of Bishop's Undri)! I checked out Orbis School, but it seems way smaller than what they claim or plan to develop in the future, but they alraedy have like 35 odd kids in LKG!!! Thanks!

:) Honey, RIMS is a bit far :P. May be when I goto collect TC from DPS.

Yeah...Thanks anyway! I would be looking forward to your review of RIMS CBSE.

Thanks for your prompt response...I too hope VPMS stands tall amoung these schools.

Hi Madhuri, Thank you for all your wonderful and informative school reviews which really helped me to short list a good school for my son Praneet. Same time I am little confused as I am not able to choose the one school for my Son from Orbis, VPMS Lohngaon and Lexicon. Please put some light on Lexicon as a school. I am not worried with the school but want a school taking care of overall development of the Kids. Thanks once again and hope to read you soon.

Hi Naval, Orbis has not started as yet. I really do not know more abt it and their claims. I do know, that as far as activities are concerned they are claiming more of indoor activities. There will be very lil space left in between the buildings for any football to be played. A conventional school must have min 3-4 acre space for all the sports needed for overall development. Also getting into activities just because it lures the parents want is not right. Why? cuz, small bodies may not be ready to play harsh games likes football and tennis or even piano!!! Lexicon I reviewed a long back, don't feel like going again.

Review of The Orbis School, Pune

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