The purpose of Ads on my site Pune School Reviews

By Madhurie Singh, November 15, 2013

Well, I guess its a no brainer, as to why should any website have ads displayed on various pages.

But still let me explain to all those who find ads should not be there on the site.

When I was a star writer on mouthshut, there were no ads for a few months. Suddenly one day the site had 5 ads on each page every possible corner and in between the reviews. We were all so irritated. So I wrote to the CEO and he was very kind enough to call back. We had a chat to understand the need for the ads. Since he gave a simple logic, I am going to repeat it  to you.

All websites have a purpose. When I started this blog, it was purely passion and it still it. For 5 years it was no ad site and no fee charged for any services. People would call me from especially US and UK and talk for 1-2 hours daily to find the school admission related information. All was fine when one day my elder son complained that I was spending more time talking to others on the phone than to them!

So I started paid phone consulting. From 5 calls per day (100 call in a month) the number of calls dropped 2-3 calls per month. Then the popularity of the site grew so the spams grew. I had to buy the spam control features from my domain host.  Slowly the content was growing to the need to have easy backup was created. I did not want to lose any review that takes me 5 days to write! So I had to buy this automatic backup feature. Then came the time when the speed started to suck. It still does as I am still on shared hosting. But to speed it up, I had to shift to a less crowded ipaddress. That again costed me a few dollars per month.

Slowly the need for more reviews grew from all you parents. So the expense of visiting schools and my time also rose.

Then I found google ads. Applied for it and they approved my site thankfully the first time.

So there you are, looking at the google ads on the pages. I have tried to limit it to 3 only though 5 ads can be placed as per google for effectiveness. So at least the site’s  hosting and domain expense is covered when you click the google ads. Now I wonder how many times a regular reader would click? So even though it does not make very big contribution but these google ads support to sustain the website to run on its own.

Slowly many of you want to see many new features that will make your search and compare the need of schools better. Well with the development plans ahead, which is gonna cost not less than (already 50k gone into the drain. I have till not received any parent volunteering to do the site even though 90% are from IT!), the more you click the better it will be for the site to earn and sustain and allow me to review more schools that you want to read. After all charity also has a limit. :). But then I cannot force anyone to click on the ads nor do I wish to have those pop up ads that can be really irritating. Also I do not want to cheat you into clicking as many sites do. Because I really love you all and especially those who write comments and are interacting readers.
So hope you have understood the need for any google ad on the site. If you still don’t understand, mail me a big check per month and I promise to take off the ads. 🙂 No I am serious!

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