The State Board Curriculum in Maharashtra Schools

By Madhurie Singh, November 18, 2012

Schools and colleges in Maharashtra state have acknowledged that the curriculum of State board  has a huge scope to improvement. That's the wonderful news you must have read on 15th November 2012 newspapers.

Well, its good news as accepting is the first step towards change.

The next step is to make the changes in the curriculum and bring it closer to the other national board course contents.

I just hope it it done from class 5 onwards instead of class 9! Suddenly overloading is never a great idea. It will be beneficial for the students when they gradually learn the entire load than in just 2 classes.

But kudos to the government for taking the first step and hats off to the schools to be willing to adapt and adopt the new syllabus.

Yes there will be a lot of teething troubles for the schools and parents and the teachers to bear with.  But every new thing starts just like this unless it is well planned and thoughtfully executed. But I guess in this case the start was more crucial.

As of now the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education (MSBSHSE) has upgraded the sullabus of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics for class 12. So the students of SSC schools will now be able to compete with the students on CBSE and ICSE at par in All India competitions. 




It will be good if Moral Science is introduced as a subject in 5th, 6th and 7th in all schools - this is the impressionable age. The move will serve as an impetus to improve social responsibilities and inculcate moral values in children. At some point of time the children should be told as to what is right and what is wrong - just in case there happen to be no moral values at all at home! They should be taught about good manners and etiquetes. There is no need to send them to finishing schools after they have grown up - they will be equipped with it before they leave school.This is a major difference between convent schools and other schools. I studied in Mount Carmel and one of the good things about the school was "Moral Science" as a subject - those who stood first in any subject were given a "Merit Certificate" for the subject during that year - this was the incentive to work hard. Moral Science books are available in convent schools - it is a small booklet. Just translate it in all vernacular languages, add this as a subject - and, if required, reduce a little bit of the syllabus of History or Social Science to compensate syllabus quantum burden. It is hoped that it might help in curbing corruption by at least 10% if not more.

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