The superstitions I love to follow even today

By Madhurie Singh, June 28, 2012

1. Drinking saffron or zaafran in milk will bear fair child! No the child will bear the genetic skin color passed on by the parental genes but the saffron which boost the Omega 6 content in the blood of the mother and the baby in the womb to improve the brain cells. Same goes for mixing almonds. What better way to ensure would be mother drank saffron and almonds in milk! 🙂

2. Drinking milk on marriage night is good, well may be indirectly yes! Almonds and cold milk are known to calm the mind and brain activity. Nothing MORE. 🙂

3. Eating a bowl of curds and sugar will make your exam or interview go well. Yes it does works provided you had the entire bowl and not just a teaspoon! Curd is scientifically known to calm the brain out of anxiety. So the butterflies you had during exam mornings could have settled down by a bowl of curd. Infact hyperactive brains need a bowl of curd before school every morning! Again the sugar in the curd is mixed to give the brain the instant energy to be alert and awake during the exam hours. So do not give sugar free or less sugar when giving morning curds before exams. And also make sure you remove the bowl of curds an hour earlier from the fridge.      Read my article 

4. Keeping fasts on days when you feel aggressive is a known thing, but  Read my article here.

5. Keep the Gods in the west facing the east? Simple logic here. Since there was no electricity in the olden Read my article on this topic.

6. Face the sun while doing your morning yoga or Suryanamaskar. An easy way to get the sunlight and Read my article on importance of this Yoga.

7. Chanting Mantras will make me rich and wealthy. Some of the mantras were designed in such a way that when you chanted them correctly in the correct posture, they resonated with your inner body frequency, thus curing the diseases slowly but surely. Read my article on Mantras and Shlokas.

8. Keeping a goldfish in a bowl at the entrance or small bamboo shoots will bring prosperity. Yes if kept in the corners of your house is an indicator about the quality and purity of the water you are consuming and the air you are breathing. Read the article about what is the need to keep fish and plants for prosperity.

9. Keep your shoes out of the house or else Lakshmi will go away! For sure this is true. How? Read the article on it.

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