Three Safety Vaccines That Will Protect Your Child While Driving in India

By Madhurie Singh, July 09, 2014

Did you know that there are vaccines to ensure safety of your children when you are driving them around?

NO? I knew it. Because these doctors give only those vaccines that are enforced by law.

Well as long as you care about your children, nothing matters more.

Today, you will find out the Safety Vaccines, that will protect your children by 70-80% of the total injuries due to road accidents.

If I tell you that it has to be given every time you start to drive, will you say, “forget it, no time”, even if it can protect your child from severe head and spinal cord injuries!  70% of moms have started to give this vaccine to their kids across the globe after they were told about its benefits even though it needs to be given everyday.



I have forgotten the count of the number of times, I have made these cars stop to tell the parents that their kids’ head or hand is out of the window, or that the door is not closed and their kids are hanging on it!  But when I see the parents driving their kids in their cars with little to no consideration about the safety of their kids, my heart goes out to the lil ones.

Why is the life so cheap in India? Is it because we reproduce profusely and easily, to not value it?
Common parents? If not for someone else’s child, at least ensure the safety of your own child!

Next time when you take your child for a drive or even to drop him/her to a 5 min destination, you will give this safety vaccine to your child and enforce him/her to sit behind you. Period. Remember, you are the parent!

The momentum with which your child’s body hits the front dashboard or the windscreen is a simple math. Body weight of your child multiplied by the speed of your vehicle.

So if you 8 year old is 20kg and your car is running at 50km per hour, the total weight of your child’s body that will hit the car front is 20×50 =  100Kg!!!

Also we all know that the kids heads are heavier than their bodies till they are 11-13 year old. Hence, when the car stops suddenly, it is the heaviest part of the body that goes in front to crash first!

Now imagine a 100 kg beach ball that is slightly smaller than football, hit the dashboard or the windscreen! Yes, that’s scary.

I find many educated parents happily driving with their under 13 year olds sitting next to the driver’s seat! Common parents, be the parents your children deserve!

Head Injury : Image source:




This is another thing that I fail to understand when I see the kids not wearing seat belts either in the front seat or at the rear of the vehicles in India.

Agreed, it is not a law that enforces us to wear a seatbelt when seated in the rear seats but parents have some common sense for sake of your children and DO NOT START THE VEHICLE WITHOUT GIVING THE SEAT BELT VACCINE.

How does a Seat Belt protect your child?

  • Prevents the child from ejecting out of the car in case of accidents.  I have known adults who have flown out of the car and crashed on the road. So imagine a small body flying!
  • Slows down the momentum at which the child’s body crashes to the front seat. (I am confident that vaccine number one is given by now)
  • The part where the seat belt is tied on to your child’s body is the strongest part. Yes the pelvic girdle and hip bone.
  • A seat belt is designed to spread the crash force over the wide area of body, hence there will be less stress on any one part
  • A seat belt protects the head and the spinal cord. According to the medical research, it is 70% easier to fix the injuries on legs and lower body parts than the head and spinal cord.

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This is a bonus vaccine for parents who promise to give the first two safety vaccines to your children from today.


This was one vaccine, I first had to administer to my spouse! He would leave the kids in the rear seat all wrapped with seat belt but alone! Then after I showed him this video shown below. After that day, he ensures that the kids are not sitting alone in the car, even when he has to buy a loaf of bread and even more important, never to leave the ignition on!

The original video is now removed when the accident took place in 2002. But this video is enough to tell you the severity of a mom’s one careless act.

The four Bigelow brothers: Jerry, 7, Brandon, 6, Justin, 4, and Sean, 2, were severely burned when their mother’s van caught fire from the inside in November. One of the boys had been playing with a lighter when the van caught fire. Mother Veronica Bigelow had briefly stepped away to return the family pet to their apartment. – See more at:

Watch this with a box of tissue and preferably at home.

Still need convincing because  you have a car that has air bags? Watch this video to know that air bags can be more dangerous for the small children!



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