6 tips to make my child eat or drink with no fuss

By Madhurie Singh, July 12, 2012

Yeah! I know you are all so eager to read this post. Its a dream come true everyday, to see children eat and drink whatever is served with no fuss.

I am not claiming 100% success, but some of these tips (read tricks) works many a times until they outsmart me. 🙂






  • Give Choice between two healthy food options always.

I Never ask them what will they eat. I ask them between A and B what will they eat. For example : Will you eat Roti or Rice? Palak or Bhindi?

  • Give Choice between quantities when they hate any healthy item.

Example: Will you eat one slice or two slices of beetroot? DO you want 3/4 th cup or full cup milk?

And then I never change these options. 

  • Always make the thickness of healthy food more than normal

​I always cut beetroots, cucumber, onions, tomatoes for salad real thick slices. So even a single slice of each is enough for them. :).

In their lunch boxes too the fruits they carry are cut into real big chunks. That way the kids feel that there are only 4-5 pieces to eat!

  • Keep the count of food low 

This I am sure many of you must be following. Make the roti, chappati real thick as good as that of two serving in one. Kids eat by count. So one roti is one, they rarely go by the thickness of the food served. 

  • Make the food handy

​If its easy to pick, it will be faster to finish. 

I make sure I serve them Daal and Rice mixed with vegetables in a glass soup bowl. All they have to do is eat using their spoons. No mess, no extra time in mixing. Its faster and looks smaller in quantity as compared to a plate served with everything seperately.

Their lunch in the school is also mostly suffed paratha or chappati with veggies/chicken etc packed into a neat roll using foils/ tissues. 

  • Timing is important always

I try not to discuss or show any food item that will make my healthy food look boring. So I tell them there is a surprise for them after they have finished their food. And serve the food they love to eat like icecream, chocolate etc after they are done eating. This practice actually prevents them from eating more things that are not really  very healthy. 

I do not totally cut down on any thing. Let them eat in small quantities always to keep their cravings satisfied. 

Try these tricks/ tips and let me know if they worked for you.

Good tips actually! but how to handle elders if they interfer while we are trying to adopt these tips? Though its a different question but still for me its a challenege.

Soup bowl?

I don't know about other tricks. .. since my kid is only 3 and only just about learned to count! ..but yes soup bowl trick works for sure.


Very nice!

Good tips Madhurie.I hope the drinking milk tip helps my toddler in drinking milk with no fuss!!

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