Top tips for finding good schools in Pune India

By Madhurie Singh, February 26, 2014

School search is a big deal in India.

So here are a few tips after having reviewed schools since last 8 years in Pune.

First Step

Get a list of good schools around in a range of 0 – 8 km  radius around your home.


  1. Start by checking online sites like my site, Area wise schools listed on 
  2. Browse through forums like, parent tree etc
  3. Look at the other sites like just dial or such online directories


  1. Avoid sites that have only listing of schools that are not updated since ages. These are only looking at the visitors who can click on their google ads. You can click on the google ads on my site though. 🙂
  2. Avoid getting influenced by titles of the articles like TOP SCHOOLS or BEST SCHOOLS or RANKED SCHOOLS on any sites except ofcourse mine. The other sites have no clue and they get these list by randomly typing top schools themselves and the copying the list.
  3. Avoid asking your old neighbors and elderly relatives about good schools. They remember only those schools that they went to or sent their kids 20 years back. Why would they care about the future of your child and provide you any researched school list?

Must Do:

  1. Start reading online reviews of the schools one by one on and www.schoolkhojo,com
  2. Make a list of the points that you want to verify when you visit the schools
  3. Visit the schools one by one that you liked from the reviews and keep checking the list
  4. Consolidate the list
  5. Read the articles under important category of the Homepage of


  • Trust only two people Madhurie Singh
  • Your own gut feeling even when I recommend a school :). Infact it is the mother’s instinct that is the most important

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