Transport affairs in Pune Schools needs attention

By Madhurie Singh, November 25, 2013

Submitted on 2013/11/12 at 7:35 pm

I need to tell you 1 thing about Mount St. Patrick that the transport facility is optional, but the admin of the school who has his own fleet of buses make sure that everyone who gets admission falls in the bus route. Also, it seems the admin is more authoratative than the school principal. Rest, the school and management is good as far as fees and other facilities are concerned. You can say one of the best schools in the Lohegaon area (18000 rs annual fees). I do not know how can a school authority allow their employees to become contractor for the school. Even if someone complaints about rash driving, the complaint is going to be handled by the admin, the same person……

Submitted on 2013/11/13 at 5:56 am | In reply to Madhurie Singh.

Mount St. Patrick has transport facility which is optional. It is not compulsory for parents to opt for the transport. If parents want, they can arrange for their own transport. The school fees is not inclusive of transport. The bus owner is also the admin person of the school who looks after other maintenance services also. I want to say that if in case of rash driving, if we complain, will the school authority listen? Because we are going to call the admin, who himself is the bus owner. In that case, he will just ask driver not to drive rash.

Another thing is that, when you pay the fees, the school staff need to tell you that there are various option you can take for transport. But they will say it only when you ask them. But it has been observed that whenever a person pays the fees and starts to walk out of the school, this admin person is standing at the main hall exit and asks every parent to pay the transport fees in the transport office. Now, the parents feel that it is compulsory to take the school bus from that provider itself. Now, if you stay just 3 km from the school and you have different providers at your place, then you have the options, but this guy does not allow you to take other transport.

I would have given you my identity, but as my 2 kids are studying in that school, that is why I cannot show my identity. I request other parents who are seeking admission to Mount St. Patrick school that they be aware of this issue. No harm in using his bus, if you have no other options.

Lastly, if you want to take admission to Mount St. Patrick School, if you stay in nearby areas where the admin’s buses ply, you will get first preference. I hope I am clear. I wanted to reveal my identity, but I am scared about 2 kid’s future. Other than this transport thing, I am 100% satisfied with the school. It is one of the best school in lohegaon area with so low fee structure.

Thanks all.

Submitted on 2013/11/13 at 6:12 am

Mt st patrick is a good school. Their office staff is very cooperative and welcoming. The school is very neat and tidy with a huge campus and playground.

My 2 kids are in that school from last 4 years.

Submitted on 2013/11/19 at 6:57 am | In reply to Madhurie Singh.


As you said that we should take the problem to the appropriate management person, which I did. Actually, I just wanted to make people aware about the incidents which happened with me. It was my mistake that I did not realize that I should talk to the management about transport. I just was misguided as I had no awareness at that time and there was not a single question in my mind about the transport.

When I complained, the school management did speak to that guy. They did what they can do. Next day, i got to know that if i want to take my kid off of the bus, then I can do as they are not dependent on my kid.

So, just wanted to make parents aware so in first place, they do not get into this situation at least.

Submitted on 2013/11/19 at 7:07 am

Request to all parents, please do not encourage those transport providers who charge the fee quarterly or half yearly or annually. These are the people who are going to exploit us more than school.

Instead, you can plan for a PMPML luxury school bus if you have 10-15 kids in your area at half the rate of these providers. You can see the PMPML bus website for details.


Submitted on 2013/11/19 at 9:30 am

Just was reading today’s newspaper and saw what I feared the most. It was an article regarding school transport being made compulsory, but this time, it was made by the government body, and not the schools themselves.

If government is so much concerned about the student safety, then why did not they ask PMPML buses to take contract of schools, which already is in losses. Even PMPML have luxury school buses. Why they are making it compulsory and encouraging businesses of private bus operators with the common man’s money , who afterall are going to work for money only, risking the life of student. Now, school authorities will use this as a tool to exploit money from us.

Submitted on 2013/11/20 at 5:43 am

Thank you Madhuri. Right now, I am out of Pune for some office assignment (in Jaipur). I will try to help you out with those things which are in my hands.

The idea is good for those schools where rich kids are there, because rich parents can stand against the transport authorities and parents are also aware of the law and legalities.

In Lohegaon based schools, it is quite difficult, because if the transport providers come to know about this, they will try to do it differently. They are local landlords who have tie-up with schools.

I hope someone, if not me, connects with you for this issue and hopefully many middle class parents understand what will happen if this rule is made compulsory. There were incidents of rash driving and accidents, which had not come to limelight and those files have been closed due to political pressure. You might remember the case of Amanora –viman nagar route bus, where 1 kid died. There are many small cases which are not heard.

Suppose they make it compulsory, then still there are few questions in my mind.

Is the bus going to wait for every kid, if the kid is late. If not, then how that kid will go to the school?

Is there any authority which is monitoring per kilometer charges on these contractors?

Is there any time limit given to these contractors that a kid should be dropped and picked up within so and so timings? Eg. A kid staying at 5-km should be dropped within 10 minutes or like that.

Are these contractors not liable to go for strikes whenever their union asks them to?

Maybe these contractors later on create a pressure on parents to pay whatever charges they ask for.

Also, the PMPML thing is good as we both think, but I think many parents do not trust government based services.

and many more questions are in mind….will write later.

I wish you all the best for taking this issue.


Submitted on 2013/11/21 at 9:55 am

Hi, today I saw Mount St. Patrick school buses in the morning. In every bus, you could see 10-15 students standing, and rest sitting uncomfortably. How can parents pay for this? I feel this is not a fault of school or the bus contractor. It is totally the parents’ fault.

Submitted on 2013/11/21 at 9:07 pm

Ms. Nidhi, the situation is better nowadays that at least you can see only 15 students standing. Earlier, there were only few buses which used to ply and students were loaded like anything on the bus. School has given the responsibility of transport to their school admin who is a retired military official. If you approach to him and tell him about the situation, he will reply everything in a military-diplomatic way. He will take most of the parents to his side and say “apne ghar jaisa hain, tension mat lo.” Most importantly, 95% of the parents really do not have problems the way you said as they have no options, either in every household both parents are working and have no option of thinking about the comfort of their kid’s transport. They are somehow just thinking about their acacdemics and let the year pass and so on. Only few parents like me had some problem, but slowly we get adjusted to it as we really had no other options here. I like the school very much and the school is really helping middle class families like me for educating my kid in English medium school. The school staff is very cooperative and kind. Also, the principal can be approached any time available for any problems. The school trust is doing very good job of educating people and doing a nice social work. The school is huge with huge grounds and very disciplined wherever necessary. Good sports instructors are there.


Hi, I have some one basic concern regarding safety of school buses. How safe is it to send the kid as small as 3-4 yrs old by school buses? I have experienced that most of the time my son sleeps when I am driving and sometimes even if he is in his car seat, I have to hold his head by my left hand so that he wont fall off. I asked several parents whether seat belts are there in school buses or not especially for pre-primary kids but answer is no. Even seat belts are not provided in western countries in school buses for which there is a huge cry among parents. It seems car pooling is best option in initial years of schooling, but since I am not aware of who is coming to school from my area, I need to wait till school starts. What other option can be opted for? Or do you have any opinion on above points?

Can school bus be crowded or are there any rules regarding that?

Hi Madhuri, got a good knowledge after reading so much about transport. Fortunately, I am one of the parents who is willing to take admission to St. Patrick. I went yesterday for the admission enquiry around 8:30 in the morning. I was lucky to see the school buses around that time. Madhuri, can you please briefly tell me what are the basic rules that school buses need to comply? Can the buses be crowded? Can the buses be without female attendant? Is there any safety guideline given by regional transport office regarding school buses. I will be very obliged if you can put some light on the above issues. Your site has been of a great help to parents like me.

Yes Sanskriti there are many bylaws: Read here

Madhuri ji, ye to accha kaam hain jo aap karne jaa rahi ho, lekin transport ka problem bhi koi problem hain. City main agar dekhiyega jakar to buses baccho se ladi padi hain. Bacche bhi khub anand lete hain aisi buso main. Aajkal transport ek fashion sa ban gaya hain. saare maata pita apne baccho ko bus se bhejne main apne aap ko bada mahsoos karte hain. Hamare pados main hi ek baccha hain jiski school to sirf 1.5 km hain ghar se. Uski mataji roz 15 minute pehle aakar bus ke liye rukti hain. In 15 minutes main to koi school chod de apne bacche ko. Meri aadat hain mazak karne ki. aap jo kar rahi ho wo to ekdum sahi hain. Maine to bass ek nazar ghumayee thi aapke site par to socha kuch likh du. aajkal mata pita ke paas itna samay kaha reha gaya hain jo ki hamare samay hua karta tha. Mata pita kaamkaj se aakar thak jaate hain, lekin wo apne bacche ko active rakhna chahate hain. Wo ye nahi samajhte ki bacche bhi to school aate jaate hain, unhe bhi to to aaram ki jaroorat hain. Khair main bhi yehi chahata hu ki logo ka bhala ho. Jo jaisa chahe usey wo mil jaye. Bhagwan se prarthna karta hu ki aap sabhi ki manokamnaye purna ho.

Bus ki complaints karna chod do yaar...baccho ko school bhejna hain na ki picnic. bacche adjust kar lete hain aur unko bachpan se hi aadat honi chahiye

Dear Ranjan, It's a good idea that parents are able to share their views about their problems. I normally encourage parents to share their problems on my site or with me, so that when they are in good number, I can go and take the matter up with the concerned school. So I will definitely meet the authorities of the school here and help to sort this worry that they have.

There are 3 different transport providers for Mount St. Patrick School, whose correct information you can get outside of the school premises when the school is secured around 2:30 p.m. There are ample of school vans also, if you want to try those. I would suggest/advice all parents who are looking for admission to LKG/UKG/I-IV classes to any schools, that they pick and drop their kids themselves as small kids need their parents' support in their initial years in school. It is the time of pick and drop when kids gets attached to their parents most, also the parents gets more close to the school staff and vice versa. It is my personal feeling and experience. Use transport services only when it is utmost needed. I have seen and experienced many kids who I have taught, whose parents convey their children themselves, get bullied least as compared to the kids who convey through bus or vans. Bullying is a problem which many kids face nowadays. It hampers their personality development, etc. etc.

I prefer to pick and drop my kid to school myself on my electric bike. It is 10 km and I enjoy it. I left my job for my kid. This brings my kid more near to me and more attached.

Orbis transport is also good. No question of crowding, rather it is more comfortable, as far as I have seen in my kid's bus. Low height buses for primary kids, which is much necessary.

My kid is in Bishops kalyani nagar. I have used bus services for them, but then changed to van as it is good for us. They take our kid from home and leave them back. Bus charges are more than van.

Hi Madhuri, request you to delete few of my initial comments, which I think I need to rewrite them correctly. Sorry for that. Please delete them so that I can write them again more appropriately.

Hi Sandeep, I dont find anything wrong. Yes the name has been deleted.

Mr. Arif, if you say that Mt. St. Patrick is located at such a place that arrangement of transport facility is difficult task there, then how Vikhe Patil is arranging that properly. I will come to my point now, here we are just talking about how things can be improved, not pinpointing who is bad or who is good. What all parents need to do to improve things that they want. If you are not happy with the transport, then there are many options. We need to search for the better one for our kids. I would request Ms. Madhuri Ji to start a new page on your website specially for transport of various schools. It had been very informative page but here I can find only information on just 1 school.

This is for all or any school transport system. You are most welcome to comment as you have just done in any other school or your views. This is not a forum to point fingers at any school. This is an attempt to allow people to write their concerns so that schools can take actions to improve their system.

This is not the case. The school is located at such a place that arrangement of transport facility is very difficult. The school and school admin has taken so much efforts to provide transport for the school students. What Mr. Sandeep is saying could be just 1 case, but that admin is a very good administrator. Without him, the school transport facility would have been impossible. It becomes difficult to manage more than 1200 students, still they are managing it very well, and the admin is perfect in that task.

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