Vidya Pratishthan Magarpatta City School Pune, Hadapsar - Review

By Madhurie Singh, December 16, 2009

Magarpatta City School is fully know as Vidya Pratishthan Magarpatta City School.

That’s one big name for a school.

Well since it was on public demand last week to be reviewed, I checked it out yesterday and was quite impressed by the school, I must say. 🙂

Magarpatta itself is one feast to the eyes. After entering the area, I always feel like I am in a different city, not Pune.

Mr Magar has very well utilized not only the funds but also the layout is world class, with all basic amenities one can need within near vicinity.  I once had the opportunity to attend my favourite Gazal singer Pankaj Udhaas there.

Coming back to the amenities, needless to say, school is a necessity which is very well taken care of in this township at Hadapsar, Pune. There is a pre-primary section of the Magarpatta City school which caters to the Nursery, LKg and UKg.  As expected this section is vibrant with lovely colorful animal pictures. The school is in a corner of a lane thus making sure there will not be any traffic hazard to the toddlers.

This is the first pre-primary or playschool till now which I have seen to have such a huge gate. I appreciate any design and architects who think of the safety for the kids and old even in the most forgetful area.  There is a small waiting place too with a shade for parents who come to pick up their kids.  I happened to meet a few parents and chatted with them. They are the best source of genuine information. The watchman was also very kind and shared a few information on the date of admission. 🙂  There are three sections in Nursery with a class strength of 40 each. That 120 kids admitted to the school every year. These kids when come to 1st std go to another school which is the Primary section of Magarpatta School.  The school has a huge structure like the ones in my times. There is a big playground, a lovely big play area for small children, a swimming pool, basketball ground. Now that’s what I call a complete school. The look and feel of the school is like a good, traditional school with no nonsense happening.  I had to talk my way to meet the admin as there is a strict no entry of any outsider or parents within the school premises.

Thankfully I could meet up with an admin officer there. They have a policy of no talking or sharing of any information to anyone about the school! Well when the school’s chairman is Sharad Pawar, there’;s nothing much one should question. (I find it strange that a school whose chairman is Mr Pawar is named something else, whereas a school which has no visible connection with him is named Sharad Pawar International School!). But no one answered this query.:(

So it was pretty difficult but still I managed to get some important details.

The school follows ICSE board.

Their timings are as follows:

Nursery           : 8:30 – 11:30 am

LKg / UKg        : 8:30  – 12:30 pm

I std – Xth Std : 8:40 am – 3:30 pm

The fee for the senior wing is Rs 25000/- annum.

I am assuming for Pre-primary it would be between Rs 20000/- Rs 22000/- annum.  Which is pretty same as other branded schools. An expense of Rs 2000/- on books and uniform is also needed.

The school has no homework policy. How I wish I was in Magarpatta city !  All the parents seemed extremely happy with the school. One parent was happy that since the school takes care of all doubts within the school, there is no need for any tuition after school. Taking tuitions has become the need of a few very good schools like Bishops. And the strange thing is that the same teachers who take classes in the school are making kids take tuition classes. I think this topic needs a separate post.

This 7 year old school encourages extra curricular activities right from Nursery.

A parent was very proudly mentioning her daughter’s gold medal for painting in LKg :). How sweet 🙂 !

The school does have its school buses too.

The principal Mr Baruch seems to be a friendly and helpful gentleman, who has maintained a no hierarchy when it comes to any parent meeting him for any concern. Any one can directly approach him and talk to him at any time. This kind of system always works well for the parents, if not for the teachers. I still very vividly remember, a parent complaining about a teacher to the principal of my school NPS in Bangalore. Within a few minutes the teacher was pulled up by the principal in front of the passing assembly!

The admission for the Nursery class will be starting in 1-2 week of  Jan . The forms will cost Rs 500/-  For all other classes admission will be in April.  Registration for the admission test will be  in May.  The timetable for the test will be given in May two weeks before.

The age criteria for Nursery should be 2.5 years to 3.5 years on the last day of June .

There will be an oral interaction in a fun way with the kids where similar questions will be asked as mentioned in my earlier post on Interview Questions. There is NO parent interview for this school!  Everything is wonderful, but there has to be a hiccup when things are so good, isnt it?  Well, the hiccup here is that the school’s first preference is to those living within Magarpatta city.  Now that’s not all, even if you live there, you don’t have a chance, unless you own a flat there ! So tenants there have to be on the waiting list forever as every year the citizens of Magarpatta are taking care of the 120 seats of Nursery on their own with no help from tenants or outsiders. 😀  So all those who were hoping for Magarpatta City school, better look at other schools.  For those who are the owners of any flats there, you got a great school right at your doorstep!

Remember one thing, do go and check the school to feel if the parents are similar in profession as yours.

Hi My daughter sob is 7th Nov 2012. Plz let me know whether she is eligible for 1st class or should we repeat Ukg

Hi Madhuri, Am babu R from Andhra Pradesh shifted to Pune from Tamilnadu recently. Am looking admissions for my kids (2nd Std, & LKG) and currently staying near Bebwevadi and office Shukravarpet, kindly suggest good (CBSE/ ICSE) schools near to that area which will provide education with joyful activities.

Hello Mem.. My husband got A New job in Magarpatta Hadapsar... My son in currently in and std.. We R Sifted in pun in March end...plz give advice & what's the process for 3rd std admission in school.....

In Feb last 2nd week or March 2nd week you have to approach schools.

Hi madhuri, I am a resident of magarpatta. I was considering the option of magarpatta school / pearson school / Vibgyor school. Which one is better if you could tell it would be great

Dear Ashwin, I think, you need to have a consultation where I need to understand your entire future requirements too. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on Then book a phone call for one hour.

Hi madhuri ji, This is karunakar and came from singapore recently to Pune. Now u am in the process of finding a good school for my kids. My elder one has conepleted primary 2 and kindergarten 2 in singapore. Kindly suggest best schools in Pune ( In CBSE) and also the process for getting admission for next year (2016-2017 year) Your earliest response is much appreciated. Kindly share your contact number as well so that I shall inform my wife to contact you. Regards Karunakar Sent from my iPhone

Hi Madhurie, I am a resident of magarpatta city and recently shifted here, and would like to seek admission for my daughter in std 7th. Would be thankful if you can give reviews for higher std section.

Hi Hemal, You may want to book phone consultation. Fill Consult Expert Form on as first step.

Confused between VP's Nanded City Public School and Pawar public school at Nanded city. One is CBSE and the other is ICSE. I am inclied towards ICSE though but everyone i dicuss says to admit in PPS. Pls guide.I have purchased both the forms and have to submit either one immediately.Looking at the review of this school from Vidya Prathisthan, i feel a bit motivated but still unable to decide which amongst the two schools within Nanded city to select. Pls guide.

Hi Madhurie, How about the school GIIS, Hadapsar

Hello Madam, Since my husband is getting transferred to Pune in June. I am eager to know if I can get my child admitted in month of June in this school in Class 7th and will highly appreciate your guidance on the matter Eagerly awaiting a response from your end. Regards Ajita

Dear Ajita, Admission is VP Magarpatta is not possible to people who do not have own flats in Magarpatta. But for other school kindly fill the contact form.

Hi Madhurie I dont stay at Magarpatta but in Hadapsar. I want to take admissions for my kids in Magarpatta school in grade 1 and grade 5. I humbly request you to guide me.

Hi Manoj, Its not possible as per the school policy.

My daughter is in LKG and I wish to admit her in this school for further studies. Is it possible to get admission if one is not a part of magarpatta city ??


Hi Madhurie, Thanks for good information about school. Will you please tell me how they follow admission process and from when they start. I heard like they follow lucky draw system but not sure.

Anita this school gives admission only if you have a house of your own in Magarpatta city.


Kindly fill the contact form

Hello mam, Myself Mukti vadza.I am staying at viman nagar. I have 2.10 yrs old daughter. I had read all review regarging all school but I got confuse that which one is good.Will you pls tell me which school is good for her.It will be great help for me.You can call me on 7709228501 or mail me too.waitting for yr reply. thank you.

Hi Mukti, Kindly ask this same question on under Discussions. Also you should like the FB page

Madhurie Singh even i do have the same problem... i know Jharna.... as her daughter was in the same class as my i have sent an email to you with all the details.. pls review and let me know... thanks..

Rajeshwari Majumdar Gogoi Hey we are having a meet of ladies who are aware and want to hang out with like minded moms and give their kids too a similar environment.

Rajeshwari Majumdar Gogoi. Sure how about you give me a call on 9890036569 and we will take it up from there.

Hi Madhurie I wud luv to be part of the review! Let me know where to start?!

Hi Rajeshwari, I am glad you read my review and took admission in the school and seem to be happy. Honestly, I will redo the review once the list of schools that have not been reviewed done. Meanwhile, do you think you can review is yourself and share the information with me. Then I can guide you with the factors, criteria and process of review as you have access to the school much easier than anyone else.

Hi Madhurie. A few years back when I was looking for schools to put my twins to and contemplating between schools around Magarpatta as I didn't want my kids to commute long distances everday. That's when I came across your review about Magarpatta School and enrolled my kids there as I'm a flat owner at Magarpatta. I love the school infrastructure and the teachers(and the principal) are friendly and open to talk abt your kids' progress. the school has many extra curricular activities such as drawing, singing, computers in the pre-primary. They don't get hw eday and neither carry a heavy bag to school. Only get their books on the weekend for parents to atleast see what their kids are doing at school! I would say that I'm satisfied with the school. But as a parent, you always have that feeling of will any other school be better? I wanted to see your most recent review of this school- would appreciate if you could post your most recent feedback especially about the primary section as in another year my kids wud be graduating to 1st std. thanks so much!

Meet me before 14th March as DPS is open again for admission. Do not fill online form until I tell you how to do it. So you need to attend my workshop. Kindly fill the contact form on my site.

Hi madhurie, I am facing a big problem as i transfered to pune last yr in may and my daughter wanted admission for nursery but as admissions got over in magarpatta school n also other schools. Finally we took admission in kidzee and now this year for Lk.gwe kept folowing since oct but now they say admissions would come up in may if their own nursery students promoted to lkg get transfer or leaves svhool for some other reason plz suggest whay could be done. I m too much worried.

Thanks for the info Madhurie

Anamika Santani 2 lacs for NRI quota to consider your application and no guarantee if will get the seat.

Thanks Madhurie, thanks for letting me know.. is there any way i can see the exact fee structure for foreign citizen... ( I am asking this because my Kid has European passport, but we as a family are moving back to Pune and will settle there)..

No they are nearly double.

Hi Madhurie, I want to know if the fees structure of the school will be same for a NRI kid?

Vipul Vyas kindly mail on [email protected] with your questions. You will get a reply as how to proceed for the workshop.

Hi when is ur session ? how to enroll?

Hi Vipul, too many questions! Make sure she is 6 yrs when she goes to class1. Work backwards. In case you want to know more pls attend my consulting session.

Hi My daughter's DOB is 29/06/2009. should I enroll her in nursary or LKG? please suggest good school for her. We are living in Magarpatta city, hadapsar, Pune. I also want your suggestion for choosing board ICSE or CBSE? Thanks in advance.

Only people living at Magarpatta will be eligible.

When ll admission starts at VP for LKG.

any openings for basketball coach.

i THINK ITS 35k - 40k

Hi Madhurie, I want information about fees structure for nursary in Vidya Pratishtan Magarpatta school. Thanks in advance.

Sure will try to do it soon

May I get to see the table for Magarpatta city public school, as it is displayed for others school. Thank you

Hi Madhurie, Wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year. First let me thank you for this website. I have been following the blogs and reviews since August 2010 and it has been very very helpful. We are in process of R2I to punekarve nagar by March end/ April 1st week 2011. I have two daughters 8yrs and 4yrs and I have been researching the schools for their admission in 3rd Std and Jr kg for the year 2011-12. I am from Bombay and my husband is from pune and he attended Karnataka high school. He did well with karnataka :D But the reason i am asking you for suggestion is my older daughter goes to 2nd grade here and is used to a particular schooling system and i want her to have a smooth transition and not a culture shock. She speaks and understands our mother tongue , marathi very well. Are you aware of any good schools in around karve nagar, kothrud? Are you aware approximately when we need to get the girls there so that we be in time for admission process. Also have you reviewed millenium, Abhinav english vidyalay,Seva sadan, New English School... if yes what are your views on these schools. I understand St Mary's is best but i think it is quite a drive from karve nagar to camp and ofcourse getting in there might be another big thing :D i checked there website and they said new admissions from kg and above only after april 15 th if there are vacancies. Hoping to hear back from you soon. Thank you very much for your help and guidance. Sincerely, Deepali

khushi, the schools u mentioned r sse board. if u r r2i ur daughter will need ib biard or igcse. try vibgyor high balewadi, wisdomworld, wakad or any international school. for more u can avail my telephonic workshop for a tiny fee.

hello again my kids are in 1st & jr kg....studying in sanskriti school....have u been there...? any reviews ?

hello madhuri whats ur take on sanskriti school pune ?

Hi Madhurie, I m so so happy that my daughter got admission in Vidya pratisthan magarpatta school.And i must tell you that the school and teachers are very nice and friendly.Thanks a lot as ur comments helped me a lot to take this decision.thanks once again.And i will also like to suggest everyone who stays in magarpatta, that they should take their children's admission in this school only. "ONE IMP THING IS THAT THERE IS NO DONATION" Neha

Great Neha!

Hello, Please send me list of the elementary and middle schools that are good in and around Magarpatta area. We are planning to R2I shortly and its been quite a long time since I have had any experience with the school system in India. I really appreciate all the help you can provide. Names with the reviews will be a good start to my research am hoping. Regards, Lakshmi

Kindly read all the reviews on school reviews page.

please mail me the feedback for the Magarpatta city school... thanking you...

Neetu, u can click on mail or print options in the same.

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