Wait! Do not fill DPS Pune admission form yet!

By Madhurie Singh, October 27, 2015

Yes! You are right.

I am asking you to wait before you fill the DPS school admission form starting on 2nd Nov 2015.

The form will be online from 2nd November 2015.

So if you are seriously interested in applying and successfully seeking admission in DPS, Pune then you should wait to meet me before you fill this form.

Attend my seminar on school admissions, where you will learn about the best schools that are also most suitable to your requirements, the admission process, the  questions asked in the interactions and tips to be successful.

Book your seat now to meet Mrs Madhurie Singh, School Expert since last 10 yrs.

One ticket is for one person only. If both parents want to join then you will have to buy two tickets. Remember, this consultation will help you figure out not just the right school but also the admission process and how to crack any school admission.

*No admission guarantee, kindly do not ask this question.

Click this link to book your seat. 31st Oct 2015 at 3:00pm

Thank you for the trust

Madhurie Singh

Sorry to say, but I see a biasness in your reviews....

I want to take my sons admission in dps for std lower kg can u pls guide mam

Dear Devang, Kindly fill the Consult Expert Form on www.schoolkhojo.in. You will soon receive an email. Also wait to fill the DPS form.

Madhurie, It seems I just missed your seminar of 31st, although I have been frequently looking at the blog site for 2016-17 seminar. Is there any other way to get in touch with you for advice on schools in Pune? I am relocating from Coimbatore and kids would go into 11th and 3rd respectively in 2016 CBSE pattern. My workplace is in Chakan area. Preferred school should be somewhere which will keep my commute within 45 minutes one way ideally. Thanks for your help in advance. RR

Rajmohan kindly fill Consult Expert Form on SchoolKhojo.in

Hi Madurie, Thanks for the info. I wanted to attend the 10/31 seminar .However , I paid Rs 2999/- towards phone consultation instead of seminar by mistake. Please advice

The Payment ID : MOJO5a29000J16565492 .

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