Want to lose fat? Stop doing heavy exercise and Start eating

By Madhurie Singh, December 10, 2016

Gym and vigorous exercise will improve your overall health but not slim you down

Exercising will burn maximum 500 calories per hour but you will end up eating 4 times due to hunger.

So how did my son and I lose fat without going to the gym or dieting like crazy?

Well, we both started to eat food. Yeah, the food which will not add on to the fat layer but will help burn the fat already deposited!

I wonder why the nutritionists, dieticians and doctors do not blog. But then it’s their bread and butter. If they start writing freely about how to be healthy and fit just be eating food, how will they earn? How will the hospitals survive? How will they pay their loans?

So let’s spare them. Join me to become slim and healthy without spending on Gymnasiums or Protein shakes.

If I can do at 47 yrs and my teenage son can do it, so can you.

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WANT TO Lose Fat -Masala-Slim

Stop going to the Gym for weight training or any vigorous exercise. Continue if you are slim and want to maintain it. Continue if you want to build muscles. Continue if you love going to the gym.

As you read my upcoming articles and follow them, you will lose fat, easily, slowly and permanently.

Weight loss products, gym health food, weight loss programs and many from this industry will curse me, but I am going to take their blow with the grace and smiles.

Cuz I know, it will hurt them bad.

Before you learn why you should stop gymming to lose fat, learn a bit about FAT in the next article.

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