Webinar and Seminar on Pune School Interview

By Madhurie Singh, February 26, 2014

Dear Parents,
Here I am, conducting a webinar for all you stressed out parents so that you can relax and understand the nitty gritty of the school orientation. This webinar is very close by on 27th Feb 2014, ie this Thursday, at 9pm for one full hour.
This webinar will help you understand fully what is the orientation all about. 
You will get confident by the time we finish the webinar as I plan to do a mock session on various questions that are asked by the school principal or by any teacher who will be responsible for the admission of your child. 
There are many questions that are very easy but how you answer them is the real trick. I will guide you to really answer well and leave no chances un- turned.
What appearance and mannerisms also can increase your chances of getting a successful admission in the Bishops school. I will share these tips too and help you improve your chances in getting admission.
Then there are many things that you must not share unless asked. So what are these facts that will lower your chances of getting admission and those you must be really be very careful of and not volunteer to divulge! 
Book your webinar seat and you will know how simple yet important these above points are when you really want to get through Bishops School admission.
Kindly click this link to book your webinar seat now! on Thursday, 27th Feb 2014, as this is the last chance at least for this year for you to try your luck at Bishops school for your darling child. I will answer question serially based on the booking numbers. Hence, the first person to book this webinar will get the first opportunity to ask question related to the Bishops School Orientation. 

Click here to book your webinar seat now!

Details of the webinar:
Webinar is ONLINE discussion over either skype or google hangout only. 
All people who opt for webinar must have a laptop with good speaker and microphone. 
Tabs have not been good in the past in my experience.
Details of the Seminar:
If you are not comfortable with online and laptop and you want to meet me face to face,can attend the seminar which will happen on Sunday, 2nd March 2014 at 5pm – 7pm at Kalyaninagar. Click here to 

book your Seminar seat Now!

Very excited to talk to all of you!
Madhurie Singh
Expert School Reviewer

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