WEOOB is a Facebook Group where Entrepreneurs across the globe can Sell and Buy any legal product. Most members are working from home and earning handsome Rs 50 thousand to 10 Lakh Per month! They sell genuine products directly sourced from the manufacturers or from the wholesalers. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, you too can join this fastest growing, most trusted group on FaceBook.

If you are a new or experienced entrepreneur, you will grow your business 10 times with the group’s support. We encourage women and men to work smarter instead of working hard only. We have weekly video advice for entrepreneurs, tips and tricks of social media and online business. The admin Madhurie Singh is an Expert Product Reviewer and a seasoned Online Business Entrepreneur. She reviews products sent to her each Friday on her weekly Videos. To get your product reviewed and promoted on the group, Contact [email protected] with subject “WEOOB”or ping her www.facebook.com/madhuriesingh

Benefits of WEOOB paid verfied seller
1. Unlimited posts and pre approved. So no waiting for post approval.
2. All days of the week
3. Unlimited images
4. Help from admin and moderators via WEOOB Strategy group only
5. 87% active members out of 190000
6. Best benefit. You get ur tag of honest seller.  honest seller if you take monthly membership. 
Customers always inquire and buy from verified sellers.
7. We have strict verification process
8. Unlimited brands , product categories allowed if posted by one Facebook Id
9. Cross sellers and undercutting sellers are muted or banned
10. WEOOB Strategy Group is for Paid Verified sellers of WEOOB to discuss their strategies and problems.

Subscription link for monthly payment via Razorpay is now active. Ask the admin for the same. http://Facebook.com/madhuriesingh

Refund Requests will not be entertained under any circumstance. 

Facebook is a platform that we do  not control. So any type of technical glitch or problem you may face as paid member WEOOB and its admins will be unable to help or be responsible. Kindly raise the issue with Facebook Support via your profile page. 

Group Rules for WEOOB members
1. LIKE my Page
Hey unless you Like the page, the join request and pending posts are not approved for this group.
Search the Page “Madhurie Singh School And Product Reviews” Send the screenshot to @Madhurie Singh in Facebook Messenger.
2. Phone number, Whatsapp number, Email address
1. Only Paid Trusted Seller can post a phone number, email or WhatsApp number in the Post Description.
2. Unverified sellers CAN NOT share their Phone numbers, Email id or Whatsapp number.
3. Comments must be on the group by both the customer and seller to avail admin help in future in case of dispute 
4. Both have to ask each other to check messenger inbox for further details.
5. To post free, unpaid seller has to add 50 members per post. After adding members, ping admin to get the hashtag for free posting.

3. Paid WEOOB Trusted Seller membership 

WEOOB has currently only Monthly plan. 
Contact by Email or Send message to Madhurie Singh
Membership features
1. Can post unlimited posts all 7 days of the week
2. All posts are Pre-approved, hence no waiting
3. Can share phone numbers, WhatsApp, and emails in the description. Cannot ask customers to share their numbers.
4. Admin attention via WEOOB Strategy group 
5. Click UNITS tab Watch Tips and Videos to Boost sale
6. Membership plan is as follows:
  • Contact Admins for membership plans
  • Any date you can join.
  • The next month payment must be made before the expiry of the 30 days plan.
  • 10 New Members have to be added per month as long as renewal is going on compulsorily. 

Work from home offer via WEOOB.
You can earn too. Join as a verified seller.
Refer other members to join as a verified seller.
You will earn a % share each month as long as you and the new member continues to renew the membership.

If you are not a verified seller and have referred a seller to join as the verified seller, you too can earn one time % share.

4. Rules for Non Paid Non-Verified Membership for Sellers
1. We have no Free Posting Days for Non-Paying Sellers.
2. Under schemes, We allow Non-Paying members to post only one post if they have added 50 new active members.  Remember, Invited members are not always active members. 
3. Free members cannot share phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers, emails. They cannot share Pages and any links.
4. IF you want to POST FREE on, you have to help grow the group. Add 50 new members per post in the group, then message Madhurie Singh or any moderators to check the new members.
5. When to Contact Admin
1. Do not message any admin to approve the post
2. Do not message any admin if you have been cheated. Tag all Admin and Moderators instantly. Take the screenshot of the post, comments, and link of the seller/buyer’s profile. Send these to all moderators and Admins.
3. Tag moderators if you have any problem on any post
4. Do not call Admin, you will be banned from the group.
6. We Ban anyone who is Cross Selling, Under Cutting, Frauds, and Cheats
If a member has been cheated or sent the wrong item, Kindly post a new post with these details:
1. Link of the sale post, Link of the seller or buyer you have a problem with, All the comments you have written on this post on this group, Post the snapshot of payment and confirmation.
Your comment on seller’s post is Must. Without your comment, We won’t be able to help. So instead of calling or messaging the seller, comment.
7. Disrespectful to Admin or Moderators
If you use any disrespectful word against any ADMIN/ Moderators, you will be banned
Tag admins for their attention
8. Men are part of Sellers group too
Men are also part of the group as they sell products for ladies. Be respectful to men. But if any man is disrespectful, sending you indecent messages, or dirty pictures.
1. Take a screenshot of the messages.
2. Copy the profile link of the man and Report to Facebook, Then Block the person
9. Work From Home Jobs
1. We have a form where you can submit your details
2. When any company offered Work from Home jobs, you will be contacted
3. Fill this Form https://goo.gl/forms/d4zLLwJvCUn3PXiT2
4. Companies who want to register their work should fill this form https://goo.gl/forms/zpwZZ2Hiwli0nTGK2
10. Contact Admin
Register on  WEOOB
No refund of the membership fee will be entertained under any circumstance.
  1. Do not ping Admins to get your post approved ever.
  2. Your inbox or messenger is beyond group admins’ control. Hence any nasty message coming from any member or non-member is not of any responsibility of the Group or member.
  3. Group admins and moderators are not responsible for any content written by any member.
  4. No content from the group shall be used for any legal, commercial or republishing purpose without the consent of the group admins.
  5. All disputes will be handled within Pune.
  6. When you join the Parents Groups on Facebook and Telegram, you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. And also will abide by them whenever they are changed.