What Congress can learn from the schools in India?

By Madhurie Singh, December 08, 2013

What a shameful report card for Congress today in the Delhi State Government elections?

But there is so much similarity between a school student who fails in a school exam and the performance of the Congress party!

Let see the similarity between a school student and the congress in Delhi.

  • When a student does not regularly study and do his homework and classwork, he/ she has to cram up the entire portions in the last moment, which is as good as not performing. Similarly the last moment catching up by the Congress to woo the state people did not work!
  • If a student was good and was topping the class in the first term and stops studying, he will fail in the finals !  Similarly, by just basking in the glory of the past is no assurance of winning in the elections now for the Congress party people.
  • Loyalty and favoritism do make a student lucky sometime provided he or she is really working hard consistently to prove the worth too. A new student who may not be anyone’s loyal yet hard work, good intentions with proven performance will win whenever given a chance! Need I explain here that the newcomer is AAP and Mr Arvind Kejriwal! Nepotism does not go a long way always! 🙂

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