What does AM PM after time mean?

By Madhurie Singh, May 21, 2023

I have always wondered about the origin and truth about the AM and PM when we mention time.6am, 3pm, 9pm. Somehow their meanings ante meridian and post meridian were not convincing enough. Until I came across the origin of the words in Samskritam.

Yup, its true that the origin is Samskritam, hence Bharat for the acronym AM and PM. Its not what we have been made to believe since our childhood that AM is ante meridian and pm is post meridian where meridian means longitudes. The west whenever they copied or got inspired by another language would randomly replace the meaning with any word that started with the syllable or sound and closest to meaning. Not necessarily exact meaning. Because to replace with excat meaning they would have to accept that they copied, right!

In Samskritam, आरोहनम् मार्तण्डस्य and पतनम् मार्तण्डस्य are very simple day to day words.

Where मार्तण्ड: = The Sun.

मार्तण्डस्य = of the Sun as the preposition is added to the words to reduce number of syllables so that it could be easily memorized. That is the reason a two liner shloka श्लोकः is like a zipped file containing 100MB content. 😄 My Salute to the Rishis of Bharat.

Lets continue with the deciphering of the meaning.

आरोहनम् = climbing or ascending पतनम् = falling or descending. Does it not make it intuitive to understand the meanings that you do not need to mug up? But we were fed fake narratives. Only when we learn Samskrita Bhasha we will empower ourselves.

Else, we will remain slaves. Yesterday we were slaves of information provided by the west.

Today we are slaves of information providing tools.

Tomorrow we will be slaves of information providers. When I hear from the parents but by learning Samskritam how will it help my child’s career? Bruh! Knowledge of a language whether its Samskritam or English or German is to empower your child to use that language to read the truth not to see the earning potential.

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