What is a webinar for school admission?

By Madhurie Singh, October 28, 2013

Dear parents, I know technology can be overwhelming but not impossible.

A webinar is a cool way to interact with someone you wish to through various internet tools or websites.

  1. You will need a laptop or a desktop or even a tablet or a Smartphone.
  2. Internet connection
  3. Download and install latest version of Skype
  4. Create an id on Skype
  5. Now if you have registered for the webinar here , you will have to add my user id “SchoolKhojo” on Skype that is mailed to you.
    • Go to to Contacts
    • Add Contacts
    • Search Skype Directory by typing “SchoolKhojo”
    • You will see this message “Hi SchoolKhojo, I’d like to add you as a contact. Your name”
    • Click Send
    • You are done
  6. At 10 PM tomorrow ie 29th October 2013, you have to log into your Skype (for paid members only)
  7. In case of any technical problems from my end, the session will be redone asap.

What are the advantages of Webinars?

  1. Everyone’s time is valuable and travel is expensive, so you save time and money by using Webinars to understand about school admissions
  2. You may be in Pune or in Begaluru or in any city of the USA or anywhere in the world. You can now connect with me real time
  3. And guess what you will not only hear me live but also see the presentation on your screen
  4. And the last point that is very important too. It’s one third the fee for the workshop!
  5. Book your webinar seat here

Click here to book a webinar seat Now!

This webinar is for the parents interested in admissions in the following classes:

  • Playgroup, Nursery, JrKg, SrKg, Class 1
  • For schools in Pune city only like DPS, St Mary’s Bishops, Vibgyor, Vidya Valley, Orbic, Kothari etc etc

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Quick points to consider when selecting schools
  • How to make sure your application form is shortlisted by the schools
  • What are the questions asked in the parent interview if any and how to answer them the best
  • What are the ways to make your child answer questions asked by the teachers in the interactions
  • All the tips and tricks that should make your admission process a success

Time and Date of this Webinar:

10:00 pm – 11:00 pm (Hope you have put your children to bed by now :) )

29th October 2013

Just to ensure those who are interested in DPS admission starting on 1st Nov 2013, will be able to benefit from this webinar.

Platform for the Webinar:

Skype -Id  

Kindly check and test the audio and vedio of your laptop in advance.

The skype id will mailed to all those who register NOW to this Webinar.

PS: As this is my first webinar, kindly bear with the teething problems if any.

Click here to book webinar seat Now!

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