What is the cheapest practical to consume Protein source?

By Madhurie Singh, March 21, 2018

I have my son who has slimmed down from 82Kg to 64Kg in 3 months, my husband who was 99Kg and now 85Kg and I am in the process as I have just joined their healthy lifestyle regime.

The biggest problem for me is to cook protein for my family each day four times a day!

So we have eggs, chicken, paneer, daal, chole, rajma, sprouts in various quantities to get 20 to 30 gm protein per meal per person. Now that is quite a calculation I have to do. Excel zindabad. I am on excel most if not writing an article.

So now that I have meals planned with all macros (protein, carbs, fat) and micros (minerals, vitamins) as per the requirements, I came across an interesting fact.

I found that each protein comes with a huge cost.

So I quickly did a calculation on my spreadsheet.

And here is the result:

To get 20 -25 gm protein per meal, what all can you eat and how much will it cost you.

Indians have never eaten a good amount of protein ever. Vegetarians eat just dal and occasionally paneer that too in very small quantity. Let’s change it by eating protein and still not overspending on different sources of proteins.

I have ranked the items based on the possibility of eating the quantity in one meal.

I cannot eat 4 cups of dal made out of 100 gm raw dal in one meal ever! Can you?

I can definitely eat 100gm chicken, paneer, 4 eggs.

But the best is whey protein powder which is just 20 gm! So one meal is definitely protein shake. If you have children, then twice a day you should give them protein shake. I the next article hopefully, I will review the powder that I drink and give my kids.

Food Quantity Measure Cost/20gm protein in Rs  My Ranking
chanaa 100gm 4 cups 8
massor 100gm 4 cups 8
soya 100gm 4 cups 8
Moong sprout 100gm 4 cups 10
chickpea 100gm 4 cups 10
moong dal 100gm 4 cups 10
urad 100gm 4 cups 10
toor 100gm 4 cups 12
rajma 100gm 4 cups 12
whey protein 20gm 20gm 18  1
cheese cube 80gm 4 cubes 20
eggs 4 eggs 4 eggs 24  2
milk 400 ml 2 large cups 24
chicken breast 100gm 1 breast 30  3
mackerel fish 100gm 100gm 30  3
paneer 100gm 100gm 40  4

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