What is the right age to learn Abacus?

By Madhurie Singh, June 29, 2012

The right age to do the course of Abacus.

  • There is no right age for an adult to learn anything that will boost your brain. So just go for Abacus or Vedic Maths any time. 🙂
  • But for kids its important thought that needs to go into as they are starting to learn something that may add to their confusion if not handled properly.

  • I think since Abacus does not really go at par with what is taught in the classes 1-4, its best to take it as hobby or summer / winter courses. This will keep the kids active too and will not confuse them with regular class room method of learning new concepts.
  • Ideally kids should be not forced to learn this tool unless they are really enjoying it.
  • If one has the flexibility one should opt for addition and subtraction in class 3 as by then they are well versed with addition and subtraction in their classes. That's when the kids will appreciate how easily this new tool called Abacus helps them in adding or subtracting.
  • The concepts of multiplication and division using Abacus will become more interesting in class 4.That is the time when the kids will appreciate how easily or not a new method can help them solve the multiplication and division.
  • SO the idea is that once they have understood the concept and meaning of a fundamental of maths, they are ready to experiment with a new way of solving it. Never simultaneously.

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