What is wrong with us? Why are we not doing the right thing?

By Madhurie Singh, October 14, 2016

  1. You don’t take bath, so you sweat, then you stink. Your solution-apply deodorant. Right solution – Take bath.
  2. You feel warm, you switch on Ac, soon you feel cold, then you take a razai, you feel warm, so you lower the AC temperature. Right solution – Take a cold shower.
  3. Your can’t control you greed and eat extra samosa, your stomach is upset, you take antibiotics, your pain is gone but good bacteria also gone, you start running to the toilet as soon as you eat anything, you take medicine to stop motion. Right solution – Don’t eat extra samosa. Eat curds and probiotic or visit a good doctor.
  4. You don’t exercise, so you gain fat, you goto gym to workout, you get muscle pain, you eat painkillers, you  stop balanced meals and starting taking protein shakes. Right solution – exercise, eat balanced meals.
  5. You sleep in the daytime, you don’t get sleep at night, you take a drink, you excite your brain and harm your sleep, you take a sleeping pill. Right solution – don’t sleep in the day time, if you don’t get sleep at night. You need more physical work to tire the body.
  6. You stop eating ghee and butter, you eat refined oils, your brain becomes dull, you buy omega 3 and 6 capsules, you join brain gym online to activate your brain cells. Right solution – Eat GHEE every meal.
  7. You bring home coke and pepsi, your child is addicted, your child demands more, your child is obese, you curse the company and scold your child. Right solution – Don’t stock coke and pepsi.
  8. You send your child to school without checking age criteria, you take admission in a rote learning type school, child fails, you start tuition, you scold him and teachers, child lacks confidence. Right solution – Let your child be of the right age. Choose a right school based on your child’s nature.
  9. You force your child to take up science and math in school, your child struggles, your child fails and lacks confidence, by now you have wasted years and money. Right solution – Assess your child’s interest, abilities, intelligence and happiness.
  10. We follow rituals, instructions, rules blindly and live in fear with unhappiness. Right solution – Find out if the rules are relevant any more to you.
  11. You want to add points, do comment below , I will be happy to add them here.

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