What questions to ask before enrolling your child in a Coaching Center?

By Madhurie Singh, April 01, 2013

What questions to ask before enrolling your child in a Coaching Center?

Diversifying? Yes. 🙂

Since my boys and your children will be very soon giving board exams and preparing for the entrance exams, it makes sense to do a thorough research about all the available options in the city.

My sons will take another 4 -5 years to utilize these services, but I am sure many of your kids have already come to that age now.

And as an extension to the school reviews and ratings, it makes sense to offer you the next obvious option. You see, I love you all so much that just cannot see you leaving the site ever!

Also a few coaching centers have shown interest by requesting a visit to their centers. 🙂 So I will be doing their reviews too.  Handful, Haan? I may actually welcome volunteers from all those moms who are itching to try something new and turn into a future entrepreneur yourself. Do mail me for the volunteering thing. One things led to another and a blogger in me is now an entrepreneur!

Lets proceed to the questions you wish to ask before enrolling your children into any of the coaching centers.

You can add any other question that I may have missed out in the comments section below.

What questions to ask before enrolling my child in a coaching class?
Name of the Coaching Class
Contact details Address, Area, City, Pincode, Phone, Contact Person
Courses conducted IITJEE, REC, JIPMER, AFMC…
Entrance Test Y/N
Eligibility > 60% in class VIII, IX, X, age < 18 years
Registration Fee
Payment policy Onetime, Instalments
Refund Policy
Number of seats
Number of Batches
Timings of Batches
Timing / Batch / center change allowed Y/N
Number of seats in each batch
Faculty:Children Ration per class
Grouping Policy in classes Based on entrance marks, number
Hours per batch
Holiday List Y/N
Track Record pass percentage last 5 years
Faculty experience > 5 years , >10 years, > 15 years, > 20 years
Faculty qualification IIT, MBBS, PHd
Number of teachers in total
Teaching Methodology Lecture, Board, Worksheet, Practice Home work, Video
Teaching Tools Board, Books, Projector, Practice Sheet, Audio Video, Online
Extra coaching Y/N
Tricks and tips of exams Y/N
Change in pattern of exams included Y/N
Online Tests Y/N
Test types Surprise, Negative Marking, Comprehension, High Order Thinking,
IQ test, challenge test, vocabulary test, skill test
Evaluation Method / Frequency Weekly, monthly, quarterly, Question paper solving
Demo Class Y/N
Parents get feedback Y/N
Rooms spacious Y/N
Seating appropriate Y/N
Drinking water Y/N
Toilets clean and safe Y/N
Toilets separate for Girls and Boys Y/N
Safety measure Y/N
Air conditioners Y/N
Lighting appropriate Y/N
Library Y/N
Study Material to take home Y/N
Absent policy Y/N
Accreditation Y/N
Certification ISO, NABET, Any other
Reference of successful candidates Y/N
Sample  worksheet Y/N
Friendly Head Y/N
Friendly teachers Y/N
Security Camera Y/N
Id card for children Y/N
Id card for staff Y/N
Transportation for pick / drop Y/N
Closeness to the Main Road Y/N

To download a copy of this questionnaire How to choose best coaching class for my child

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Just like meditation or pooja needs quiet, peaceful surrounding, fresh smell of agarbatti and pleasant object for concentration, similarly, learning and teaching needs a quiet peaceful infrastructure, cool water and air, healthy food, pleasant odour in the classrooms, non distracting conditions. AC may not be mandatory but becomes essential in the heat greater than 35 degrees as the body functions differently and concentration drops with very high or very low body temperature. Do read this link http://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/phys_agents/heat_health.html

More than the infrastructure what matters the most is the quality of teaching.If the commitment, dedication, attitude, approach of the teacher is correct, then things like AC and other lavish infrastructure doesn't matter much.

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